Scare Her Off: 5 Ways To Make Her Hate You

At times, you may not want to be in a relationship, but you somehow need find a way to scare her off. Putting any of these five traits to good use will ensure that you scare her off. Men and women are similar in comparison, since some men would find burping and farting to be quite offensive, as described in this article, but with the right partner this will pose no problem.

  1. Be Overly Keen: Some women adore attentive men, while overly keen men may put off independent women, as it is clingy and possessive behavior. The attraction of the latter women is that she doesn’t depend on you for her only happiness. Women may frown at the thought, but you certainly don’t want to play hard to get with a woman you don’t see a future with.
  2. Arrogance: Confidence exceeds arrogance in a man. If you want to scare her off, act vain and don’t compliment her on anything. Talk about yourself constantly, and forget to ask her questions. She’ll soon be pissed off and won’t think about contacting you again.
  3. Unhygienic: The last thing you want to do if you want to scare her off is to smell absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand, you could go overboard and spray on too much aftershave, or meet her smelling like stale piss. The choice is yours, but whatever you choose, she’ll take a hike soon enough.
  4. Bad Habits: Dropping litter, spitting, allowing the door to close in her face. These are habits she hates in a man, so they are perfect to do if you want to scare her off. Burping and farting could also put off potential partner, although it’s good to be around a woman who allows you to be yourself, so if she judges the natural “bad” habits, find someone who does appreciate that nobody is perfect.
  5. Flirt With Strangers: Women want to feel special on a date, so if you want to scare her off, look no further than flirting with strangers. Make seductive eye contact with every woman, and make sure that your date sees everything. Soon enough, she will see you as a complete asshole and never want to contact you again.


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