End The Summer With A BANG! Get Laid Before Fall

If you’ve had trouble all summer getting some good play (and we don’t mean beach volleyball), there are probably some things you could be doing better. Everyone wants to say they got laid during their summer break and for good reason. Summer is a time for romance, fun, sun, and sex of course! Here are a few tips and tricks to get laid before fall.

Be Aggressive. Sometimes being the nice guy, the good guy, the guy who’s ‘shy’, isn’t that great and truly doesn’t lead to getting any action. If you’re too sweet and stand-offish then she’ll feel no burning desire to be with you. It will very quickly turn into a friendship instead of a relationship or fuckfest. Try asking her out point blank. Go straight up to her in the gym or office and boldly (but not arrogantly) ask her out. Make her wonder what you’re so passionate and confident about and then you can show her later.

Give Her Accolades. No woman can resist some sexy compliments. Don’t just say ‘you look cute’ or ‘you’re so sweet’. Give her some real sex appeal accolades that are TRUE. If she has nice boobs that’s she is flaunting; tell her but don’t be too dirty. Tell her how good she looks, touch her lower back and tell her you can’t resist keeping your hands off her. Let her know that she looks great then say the rest with your eyes. Which brings us to our next point.

Eye Contact. Smoldering eye connection is CRUCIAL to getting laid. On the car ride to your date, glace over at her and gently stroke her leg; but not for too long. Then at dinner, look into her eyes as you’re talking. Show her emotion through your eyes and she’ll do the same back. Then before the big kiss, glance deep into hers and then lean in. Every time you pull away from kissing, make that connection and the heat will burn between you. Women love that emotional bond that eyes make.

These tips on how to get laid before fall should work like a gem. If they don’t, you’re probably doing something wrong. Be confident and own who you are. Make sure you make her feel like a WOMAN and not a girl. Show her you’re passionate about her body, mind, and soul. Then screw away!

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