4 Moves That Seem Romantic, But Aren’t!

There are so many cheesy ass movies out there nowadays. Romantic comedies have given a bad name to true romance and unfortunately although women may think something seems cute in a movie or on paper; it rarely translates in real life. Trying to find the perfect mix of subtle romance and over doing it is hard but these are some tip offs for you. 4 moves that seem romantic, but aren’t!

1. Recite Poetry. DON’T DO IT!!! This is a disaster waiting to happen and should only be performed under rare circumstances. If you’re not good at reading, don’t know a thing about poetry, and she’s never expressed an interest; why do it?! It will seem sissy and awkward so wait until the wedding vows to pull this gem out.

2. Ordering for Her. Why this ever became a ‘thing’ is beyond comprehension for most women. Why would we want to go out to a nice dinner and not get to choose ourselves? It will come across as aggressive, chauvinistic, and controlling. You never know for sure what she wants or is craving so just back off and let her order whatever she wants off the menu; even if it’s the most expensive item.

3. Talking About Mama. Look, you may think that showing her a sensitive side or expressing your knowledge of women’s needs is a good thing; but it’s not. Not too soon anyway. Try waiting until the 5th date and up to tell her how much you love your mom. She doesn’t need to feel like she’ll be competing with any other woman in your life, even if it is just the woman who gave your life. No competition is good competition.

4. Pulling Out Her Chair. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Unless you’re so smooth and done it your whole life, don’t. It’s a bit over the top and cheesy and could end up being awkward if it doesn’t go right; and you’ll make her feel uncomfortable. Instead, stick to opening doors and standing up slightly when she comes and goes to the table.

There you have it, 4 moves that seem romantic but aren’t. It’s not that these aren’t good things to do eventually but save them for the later dates. They will come across and strange and ‘too strong’ if you play them too soon!

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