Open Relationships: Can They Heal A Partnership?

There are many types of marriage and relationships. An open relationship is not new, but it can deepen a bond between two sexually open minded partners. No longer do two people need to stay monogamous toward one another to succeed when an open relationship can provide so much fun without complications. With the influx of social networking sites to promote friendships and flirting, an open relationship may be the new way to heal a broken partnership, since America has seen more divorces than marriage success. Is divorce down to insecurity, misunderstandings, or unfulfilling sex?

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There are a variety of reason why relationships fail and lack of sex is just one of them. You could both visit a relationship counselor, but what he or she advises may not always be the best solution for your relationship. In place of the need to apply for a divorce comes the open relationship, however this requires trust from both parties, as there is no point in agreeing to a solution if it only makes you feel miserable. For many couples, having an open relationship is the best way to recreate that initial “honeymoon period” excitement.

Define an Open Relationship

While love and devotion is normal, an open relationship allows the physical intimacy to be shared with others. The love remains between partners, but both parties have sex with other people. This may sound offensive and disrespectful toward a partner, especially for couples who believe that a relationship should remain monogamous, but an open relationship can be a useful way to strengthen a bond with a partner.

Couples who share an open relationship are not sex maniacs who hate having sex with a partner. It is quite normal to feel attracted to a member of the opposite sex, whether at work or in social events. At one time or another, it is easy to take a partner for granted, and what happens when that sexy spark disappears. No one sets out to cheat in a relationship, but if this happens and you realize that you made a mistake, you may be wondering how you can win back her trust.

Love and sex are very different. It is possible to be in love with a partner and desire another person. As humans, we are used to getting what we want, but cheating on a partner or having an affair comes at the price of hurting another person. Some partners may not understand the concept of an open relationship, but it could be the only way to keep a strong bond, whilst you both get fulfilling sex.

The Importance of Sex

For most couples, sex is an important aspect. When sexual desire toward a partner wanes, and you have the urge to sleep with other people, it is time to communicate. Yes, it can be daunting to think that you have to sleep with one partner for the rest of your life. It takes hard work, but it is possible. Cheating is weak and only creates mistrust in a partner.

An open relationship can reduce infidelity, as many people crave taboo sex. As a partner already knows that you sleep with other people, the excitement may start to wane in time. However, an open relationship can offer the best of both worlds.

An open relationship is not for everyone, but if you are both open-minded and enjoy new sexual experiences, having this type of relationship could save the need to separate.

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