Secrets: What Should You Confess and What Should You Hide

It can be daunting for a partner to ask questions about an ex, but some secrets are best kept that way. Is there anything you should confess, or is a secret best kept hidden? What is tricky about this situation is that she might start to wonder if you are hiding something if you do not confess the secret(s). Does she need to know that you used to swing with an ex, or alternatively, visit strip clubs with your ex. The more specific you are with your intimate confessions, the less of a woman she may feel. Women are insecure creatures most of the time. What you don’t want to mention is that your ex was the best sex of your life, now that would guarantee her to frown for several days or weeks.

Honesty is the Best Policy

If you have a dark secret from the past that you know will return to bite you on the butt in the future, it’s time to get it off your chest. Perhaps your ex blackmailed you about one particular incident involving a prostitute, or maybe you used to be a sex maniac who shagged 100 women a week, with or without protection. It’s not fair to sleep with her if you have had a previous reputation as a ladies man. If you tell her the score, she can make her own decision, and hopefully it’s one that will make you smile. Everyone makes mistakes.

When is The Best Time to Confess?

Talk to her when you are both having fun, as she may be able to take the news better. Threats of blackmail by an ex partner about an embarrassing incident can ruin a relationship, if your partner were ever to find out another way. If she is due to go on vacation for several weeks, don’t confess just before she leaves, as it will be on her mind throughout the journey. Again, don’t plan to confess some important details before a social event with friends or family. Perhaps you could inquire if she has any secrets, and if she confesses, you may feel more open to sharing yours.

Keeping a secret from a partner because it sounds embarrassing is one way to create mistrust, but if she understands then she is more likely to let it slide. If you have dark secrets from the past, get them off your chest and start afresh.

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