Tips For Shy Guys: 3 Tips on Winning Her Affection

Confident men have one thing in common with women. They have no insecurities about approaching women, as they know they are sexy, and they can tell a woman what she wants to hear. Approaching a woman can be intimating for a shy guy, but this article provides 3 tips for shy guys on how to win her affection.

It is quite likely that she will notice your shyness, especially if you are building up the confidence to ask out the hottie dancing in the crowd with ten men undressing her with their eyes. Often you may not need to ask her out to spark her curiosity, as a interesting conversation will more than make up for your confidence. There is a good chance of rejection if you simply pinch her ass and crack a smile without saying a word. A tip for shy guys is to play it slow.

  1. Follow Her Routine: You may have a crush on girl that pops into the local coffee shop every morning. You already know that she works close by. Try to ascertain what coffee she drinks, or perhaps you could get behind her in the queue and listen in on her order. The next step is getting her to notice you, without it coming across as obsessive or creepy. Do not be too obvious, but try to look like your thoughts are focused elsewhere. Each time you see her, smile her way, and she might show a friendly side. If you are unable to strike up a conversation after days or weeks of bumping into her in the coffee shop, or other regular joint, then it is time to move onto the next steps.
  2. Her Hangouts: Does she know you exist? Does she smile as you draw near her? These are positive signs of attraction. Women too have a shy insecure side. Find your friends and try to bump into her at one of her favorite hangouts. Look like you are having fun with your buds, but glance up now and then to spark her interest. Try not to act too enthusiastic if you catch her looking back.
  3. Meet Her Friends: If your crush is close to her friends then it is good to strike up a friendship with them. Mention something cool about yourself, perhaps one of your party pieces, and no doubt her friends will confess all about your brilliance, and no doubt your crush will be thinking about you.

If you can pull off each of these 3 tips for shy guys, then you may soon have your lucky day when you meet her, and no one else is around. She might even ask you out. Women like to feel special and wanted, and if you can make her feel all of these things, then you are miles ahead of winning her heart.

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