Inside A Woman’s Mind: Top 10 Female Fantasies

What if you could get inside a woman’s mind and find out her top 10 fantasies? Men have particular fantasies, including threesomes, role play, and seducing a woman who is already taken, but women’s fantasies are not much different from a man’s fantasies. Here are the top 10 female fantasies.

  1. Swinging: Men imagine the scene of two women kissing and getting up to much more intimate scenes, but your girlfriend will often want to get kinky with your friend.
  2. Rape Fantasy: This has nothing to do with violence toward women, but more of allowing you to dominate her. If you are a sensitive lover, and she is lusting for sizzling action, perhaps you could give her what she wants, but she might not be happy if her favorite clothes were ripped in the act.
  3. Stripping For You: To move like an exotic dancer while effortlessly slipping off her clothes is one fantasy most women dream of performing, without looking like an idiot. However, inhibitions could get in the way of her spontaneity.
  4. Getting Intimate With a Stunning Woman: It may be a celebrity or a gorgeous friend that she wants to get intimate with, but she would love to slide her tongue between those juicy pussy lips and make her climax.
  5. Reversing The Roles: She may thrive on the domination and wonder what it feels like to fuck like a man. She may even want to fuck you wearing a strap on.
  6. Submissive Mate: She wants you to take control of her in the bedroom. Tell her what to do, call her nasty names, and she might just unleash a side that you love.
  7. Exhibitionist/Voyeurism: Women enjoy being the center of attention, and this is no exception when it comes to sex. She wants to be desired, and she wants other people to notice her hot body during sex.
  8. Dominatrix: It’s cool to allow her to fulfill her fantasy, and this one is always safe to do in the bedroom. She might want to tie you up, blindfold you, and keep you at her mercy. Not only that, but she might request that you give her hours of pleasure before, during or afterward.
  9. Fucking a Stranger: She may have a fantasy about getting intimate with a stranger. She can do whatever she wants because she doesn’t know his name, and she doesn’t need to be ashamed of telling him what she wants because it’s all in her head.
  10. Orgy: There is no better fantasy than being worshiped by men who all want a piece of her. The number of men could vary from two to ten, but this fantasy is not a surprise, as it celebrates feminine power.

You may never be able to get inside a woman’s mind, but just bear the above 10 sexual fantasies in mind whenever you’re getting sexy with her in the bedroom. She might just be dreaming of one. Of course, there are other female fantasies, but the above ten are popular.

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