How to Stop Your Woman from Talking

Many women cannot stop themselves from talking. They are able to go on, incessantly, about the most mundane or useless subjects with hardly taking a breath. If you are fortunate to have found a woman who uses few words and gives you a lot of sex you are probably dead, otherwise learn how to stop your woman from talking when it is necessary. In turn, also learn how to let her stammer on to keep her happy.

Some Science

Dr Luan Brizendine, author of ‘The Female Mind’, says “women devote more brain cells to talking than men.” It is estimated that women actually need to use more words in the course of a day totaling, on a whole, about 20,000 words as compared to men who speak about 7,000. However, other research theorizes that it is not nature but nurture which affects how much a woman may speak. According to Oxford University linguistics professor, Deborah Cameron, it is about who we are with and what we are doing which determines our verbal output.

Shut Her Up – Use the “Uh, Huh” Mode

Most of the talking that women do is to simply soothe themselves. Hearing one’s own voice has a sort of calming, safe feeling effect and women naturally thrive on such feelings. Therefore, the talking carries on even when they are alone. The best way to shut her up when she is going on about something that is making your eyes cross is to get into the “uh, huh” mode. Here you can simply tune her out as long as you remember to say things like, “Uh, huh” “Really?” “Right”. She will think you are listening, eventually run out of words and leave you alone.

Public Yammering

It is one thing dealing with your woman moaning on and on about her problem finding just the right pair of shoes but when she begins pontificating at a party you must do something. There are two different ways to approach this as it is a fine line between controlling her rattling jaw and never having it open for your hard-on again. When she begins to start down her path of over explaining and repeating you need to step in and steer her in the right direction. Agree with everything she says and then, as covertly as you can, either change the subject or scurry her away from judgmental ears.

Push Her into Other Babbling Worlds

Men often want to come home and be quiet for a while. If a woman has not used up her words all day you will be bombarded with them. Encourage ‘play dates’ with her friends so they can buffer all the unnecessary chatter you would otherwise be exposed to. By the time they are done with their friends they are done with their words.

How to stop your woman from talking takes patience and clever deflection. Never outright tell her to stop as this may stunt her natural progression and make you look like a jerk.

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