Odd Sexual Preferences

Fetishes seem to be in the back or forefront of many men’s minds but going beyond such behavior can take it from a fetish into an odd sexual preference. It is not the juvenile, misogynistic (hater of women) scenarios that demoralize and/or dehumanize women these preferences delve into the deep psyche of the user. If any of these get your pole rising remember you are not alone. There are scores of people out there looking for that crazy out-of-this-world stimulation that lights up their brain as well as their wood. Here are a few bizarre turn-on’s that may raise an eyebrow or two.


This is the act of having sex with a dead person while they are not really dead. It is the simulation of necrophilia, the sexual excitement of penetrating someone that will not talk, move, moan or perform anything lively. The psychology suggests that the person performing the sex feel completely in control. This actually sounds like sex between a couple married for over ten years.


This is the sexual attraction to monstrous or deformed people. It is the derived pleasure from being able bodied or aesthetically blessed in the midst of someone who is the complete opposite making the ‘fuckee’ experience a great sense of power. It also constitutes the inability to connect or obtain a relationship with someone more ‘normal’ which, in turn, displays a great sense of self-worthlessness. Acrotomophilia is an offshoot of teratophilia as this is the specific attraction to amputees.


Sexual pleasure derived from soiling attractive people is known as salirophilia. This entails obtaining a hot woman and then smearing her with mud, messing up her hair and makeup, ripping her clothing and/or applying derogatory writing on her person such as ‘whore’ or ‘enter here’. It is not about harming or hurting the subject just simply, temporarily, dishevelling them to the point that they are not so attractive anymore.


This involves dressing a subject up in a leather mask that may simulate a pony, dog, cat or any other animal without speaking. The other person also dresses in a fetish type outfit such as assless chaps, a riding crop, mask, boots, etc. Although it involves bondage it is not directly about it but rather creating a psychologically stimulating experience by ‘riding’ the animal.


As displayed in the movie ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ starring Ryan Gosling, agalmatophilia is the sexual (and sometimes non-sexual) attraction to a doll, mannequin or any other similar, inanimate object. There is also an offshoot of this bizarre desire called pygmalionism (derived from Shaw’s play Pygmalion as well as the musical My Fair Lady) which is when someone is in love with an object of their own creation.

These odd sexual preferences only show how warped the human mind can evolve. Other somewhat disturbing titles include; autopederasty the act of penetrating one’s own anus with their cock; autofellatio, sucking one’s own cock or autocunnilingus, licking one’s own vagina (now that may be worth seeing).

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