Trust: How to Get It, How to Keep It

Whether it is business, women or blind faith having someone to confide in can be as or more beneficial than paying a therapist. However, trust is often handed over too easily making for a slippery slope. Gaining and giving trust depends on an array of baggage you may be carrying. However, regardless of how damaging your past experiences may or may not have been, if trust can be used with responsibility you will most likely be able to acquire a handful of priceless, lifetime confidants.

Watch and Listen

It is not hard to spot the big mouths in the bunch and they are not to be trusted. If given sensitive information, these people have the capability of throwing you into a whirlwind. Personal fires all around you will have to be extinguished simply from confiding in the wrong person. The best way to acquire trust is to watch and listen. Look for the person that does not say much and gossips the least. These are the two personalities that display good character for keeping your information safe.

Use the “Swear on Your Mother’s Life”

Most people are superstitious so if you need to unload to a friend do not ask them to swear to god ask them to swear to something more realistic like their mother or children. It is a quick and dirty leap of faith but it works more often than not.

Be Trustworthy

By displaying your ability to be trusted on all levels makes more people want you to confide trust in them. Show that you are responsible with everything from information to watching someone’s kids and you may be able to run for mayor.

Watch a Silver Tongue

There are people out there that talk a great talk. They make you feel comfortable and, in turn, have you shedding your armor in no time. Be wary of the silver tongue and look beyond sugar coated words asking yourself, “Does this person have a trustworthy reputation?”

Hold Your Cards

A lot of people will spill just about anything to anyone who will listen. This makes for a myriad of opinions as well as displaying oneself as an untrustworthy person. Keep your information close and do not be so quick to hand it out to anyone. This falls under the category of everything from your personal relationships, finances and daily activity. There is more at stake with your information than you may think.


Avoid theft or being taken advantage of by keeping your out of town plans down to one or two trustworthy people. You would be surprised how simply being away makes your family, your belongings and your identity that much more vulnerable.

As much as you would like to feel connected to the nipple popping blonde you just met at the end of the bar, telling her your life story could get you in some trouble. Place your trust in someone who deserves it and your State secrets (as well as your reputation) just may remain untarnished.

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