Steamy Shower Sex: 5 Ways to Turn up the Heat

Having steamy shower sex is wonderfully intimate. However, it could create problems if your partner is shy about showing off her body, or allowing you to see her without makeup. Either she’ll make excuses about how her eyeliner will be draining down her cheeks, or she’ll be a natural beauty who realizes that sexiness is within. You can encourage her with compliments, but unless she is ready to step out of her shell of insecurity, there is no point in persuading her to have steamy shower sex.

Shower sex is a game of trust. Condoms are a big no no in the shower, as they suck up the natural moisture from her pussy, and no doubt you want to feel your dick sliding in and out of her moist slit. It is important that you both get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) before this activity, unless you trust her 100 percent. Water-based lubricants may be better, but they still suck up the moisture from the condom, which can be uncomfortable for the both of you.

  1. Standing sex equals a full body workout: Doggy style is always fun in the shower, but having steamy shower sex while standing takes more effort and provides a toning workout.
  2. Lipstick: Another fun episode in the shower is to apply a dark red lipstick to her lips then request that she gives you a hearty suck. It’s very difficult to suck a cock in the shower. Water is streaming down her cheeks, over her nose, and she finds it difficult to breath while pleasuring your hard rod. However, the lipstick will melt off her lips onto your dick, plus it will give you a hot memory to wank over for months.
  3. Rimming: There really is no excuse not to try rimming during steamy shower sex. Part her legs and slip a tongue in between her ass cheeks, and no doubt she’ll do the same to you.
  4. Masturbate her with oil: Take a cup of oil into the shower and, after you have teased the nape of her neck with gentle kisses, turn your attention to her clit. Cover your hands completely in oil and stroke her to a fast climax.
  5. Watersports: There is a wide belief that urine is laden with toxins, but it is wonderfully moisturizing to the skin, and it is 95 percent sterile. Urine generally has no odor, but some foods can scent the urine. Garlic and fish are two such foods.  A synthetic form of urea, which is found in urine, is added to anti-aging skincare formulas.

Sex in the shower is the ideal time to experiment with foreplay. Rimming, oral sex, or golden showers, there is really no excuse about turning a cleansing ritual into steamy shower sex.

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