Toxic Relationship: 5 Tips on How to Survive One

The start of a relationship is fun, but some women have controlling traits. Obsessive. Bunny boiler. Psycho. Insecurities can create a behavior that she does not want to convey, but she does so anyway. When these traits transfer into a relationship, and she is so enthralled by you that she does not want to do anything without you, you could have a toxic relationship on your hands. She tries to change you. She wants to show you off to the world. These traits are too much, and could put you off the thought of a relationship with her. If you are having second thoughts continuing with such a toxic relationship, read the following tips to help you decide if its time to move on.

  1. Is she co-dependent: This type of women depends on you for her happiness. If you are not phoning or texting her 24/7, she is likely to be frowning. If you have a night planned out with the guys, and she’s not invited, she’ll use manipulation techniques to make you feel bad. She will always choose the wrong type of men, who will grow sick of her whining and eventually leave.
  2. Denial: When you are around her, do you feel like you have been sucked into a deep hole of misery, or does she make you feel like you have stepped onto cloud nine? There is no point in staying with her if she makes you dread her company. Be clear about your feelings, as it is not fair to string her along.
  3. Friendships: If you are there for your friends when they are in need, no doubt they will be there for you when you need advice. It can feel all too easy to blame yourself for a relationship downfall, but it is not your fault if she was too insecure and needed to try to control every aspect of your relationship.
  4. Make a clean break: If you were close with her friends, stay away from them. The last thing you need to hear is the poison she is feeding them to make them take her side. You will always be the bad guy around a circle of women, no matter what you say.
  5. Do not rush in a relationship: Some men need to be in a relationship to feel happy, but after one toxic relationship ends, that last thing you want to do is to find a similar woman who tries to control you, because of her insecurities. Take some time to develop a relationship with your self. Socialize with friends. Enjoy the single life.

If you have just survived a toxic relationship, the chances are that you have some doubt about your next relationship, but do not let one woman put you off love for life. It takes time for the heart to heal. If you have good friends who will listen and offer sound advice, you are lucky! Try not to worry about the mental state of your ex, since a toxic relationship will never last. A healthy relationship embraces openness.

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