Chat Up Lines: 5 Ways To Make a Great First Impression

Cheesy chat up lines can create laughter in some women, but they can be a waste of time on women who are seeking more of an effort.  If you have your eye on a sexy girl in a club and friends surround her, steer clear until she is on her own. She may already have thrown you a quick glance, and now she may be waiting for you to make the first move. It can be intimidating for a man to approach a woman because of the potential knock back, but we have all been turned down at one time or another. Don’t let pride get in the way of making a great first impression.

  1. Compliment her outfit: She may have a great body, and you would love to tell her so, but stick to complimenting her outfit instead, rather than her booty and cleavage. She might be under the impression that you want her for her body, but because you have not mentioned those exact words, she will be wondering if you are different than her usual type. Be different.
  2. Make her laugh: Women want to feel at ease, so if you can make her laugh by using cheesy chat up lines, she is more likely to warm to you.
  3. Seek uniqueness: Tattoos are heavily popularized. If your object of attraction has a striking tattoo, make it a point of telling her so. She may be curious to find out if you have tattoos, and if you have one on your bottom, or other intimate area, this is a great excuse to ask her out on a date in an effort to seduce her into your bed. Act mysterious.
  4. Grab her and pull her onto the dance floor: This move requires confidence, but if you are a great mover, she will already be dazzled by your confidence, and you may unleash her curiosity about your bedroom antics.
  5. Have a hot body: Before you’ve had a chance to look into her hungry eyes, she may already have her eye on you. You may have a hot body underneath your t-shirt, and she may be seeking to impress you with her dance moves. Play it cool, move in slowly, and kiss her passionately without uttering a word. The kiss should tell you everything about your chemistry together, and she may agree to join you back at your place for a nightcap.

Chat up lines do not have to be cheesy. Women can tell when a man is nervous or confident, so try not to let this sway your decision to approach a woman. Look for unique clothes or a hot tattoo to compliment. Women are not that difficult to impress. Set out to make her feel at ease.

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