Top Old Stolen Cars of 2012

Every year the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases its list of stolen cars. It is estimated that in the United States alone a car is jacked every twenty-six seconds. Know what you are getting into if you own an older model that may be targeted for parts. Don’t come ambling back from an annoying mall experience with the wife and kids, ready for a beer and your lazy-boy, only to find an empty parking space where your clunker was. Check out these top old stolen cars of 2012 so you know whether to buy some extra security.

1994 Nissan Sentra

It may seem like a lame excuse for a car but if you are still holding on to one of these, watch out. On its own it is not worth much but each part, stripped and sold can reap a pretty penny for a carjacking, crack smoking deviant.

2002 Ford Explorer

Luxury SUV’s top the stolen car category with the Highway Data Loss Institute reporting these to value at six times higher than most other vehicles. The 2002 Ford Explorer hits the list due to its desirable, interchangeable parts swap.

2006 Ford, 2004 Dodge, 1999 Chevy Pickups

Pickup trucks are often targeted for two reasons, one is they have a tough, long lasting design and the other is that they are usually filled with a cache of expensive tools. The 1999 Chevy is also lacking effective security features making it that easier to lift.

1994 Acura Integra

This engine fits snugly into other Honda’s so when some schmuck needs to find a new engine for his client’s blown out one he may come sniffing for yours. Plus, the Integra is notorious for being turned into a lean, mean street racing machine.

2000 Dodge Caravan

Don’t let this soccer mom special fool you. It offers easy access (just like some soccer moms, hee, hee) with its lack of security features and has some enticing valuable parts such as the removable back seat and 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder engine.

1991 Toyota Camry

This design has been going strong for some time now and the 1991 version is no exception. This particular year offers thieves a huge selection given the amount produced. Therefore, it is no wonder it makes the list simply due to major availability. However, any Camry is targeted. In fact, for every thousand produced in 2009 approximately 3.58 were listed as stolen.

1998 Honda Civic and 1994 Honda Accord

Again, volume offers opportunity and these models top the list as easy cars to claim, chop and sell. The anti-theft design for these years is grossly compromised compared to today’s models which are also in great demand but harder to steal.

Keep an eye on your old faithful because thieves are doing the same. Add in your own security features if you want to keep it around, like a steering wheel bar or ignition lock and maybe you won’t end up on the list of top old stolen cars of 2012.

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