Facesitting: Get Under the Hood

Some men cannot get enough pussy to eat. They seek it out like a calculated mission. If you are the insatiable type with a penchant for hours of giving oral pleasure then facesitting may be for you. It involves both inputs delicately dropped down and/or roughly grinded into your waiting face. Here is a taste of what you might taste if a facesitter offers you the privilege of getting a ‘bedseye’ view.


Within, Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism (BDSM) facesitting is a popular form of humiliation. This is for men that get off on forced oral-genital and/or oral-anal scenarios. The woman takes over throwing the man down on a bed, sometimes even binding his wrists and ankles. It can be stimulating for the woman more so in a psychological power play rather than actual, physical orgasm. However, if the clit is vigorously grinded onto his waiting tongue there just may be some happy squirting that emerges. The man can be ‘suffocated’ by his face being covered in her wet, stinky flesh and sometimes even putrid ass gas if this is what he desires. His pleasure is also a psychological form of giving up control and being dominated by a woman via facesitting.

How To Get Your Woman to Sit On Your Face

Men who enjoy this kink often have to pay for it due to the fact that most women feel self-conscious about having their undercarriage so drastically exposed. However, if you work on it you just may be able to get her to pull aside her panties and back up onto your eager piehole.  Start with compliments. When eating her out describe how gorgeous her pussy is, how good it smells and tastes. The more you convince her that she has a twat worthy of the Gods it will only be a matter of time before she complies. You can also force a face sit by getting into the sixty-nine position. As she swallows your pole and you crane your neck to slurp the nectar and flick the bean grab a few extra pillows and shove them behind your head. This should really jam you in good. Next, grab her by the ribs, pull her into a sitting position and spread her cheeks. She will get the picture soon enough.

Some Facesitting History

Facesitting is not a new kink by any means. It has been around for Centuries practiced within many cultures. Another term for this sex act is ‘queening’ which most likely comes from the woman acting like a demanding Queen or it could be the opposite of ‘crowning’ which is when a baby’s head appears during childbirth. There is specific furniture constructed for the use of facesitting known as a ‘queening stool’ or ‘smotherbox’. It consists of a seat with an opening that exposes the person sitting, relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Some even have locks to keep the ‘smotheree’s’ head in place furthering the domination experience.

Facesitting just may quench that ever need for all things pussy. So crawl under the hood and enjoy the feast.

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