Male Performance Anxiety: Don’t Be Impotent- Be Impressive!

It’s a terrifying thing- trying to please a woman. The thoughts that lurk in the dark shadows of your head fill you with doubt; ‘Am I good enough’, ‘Am I big enough’, ‘Am I going to cum too fast’, ‘How many other men has she been with’, and the list goes on. For some men, just the thought of having sex with a woman is more stressful than sexual. The performance anxiety in men isn’t just a fear before sex but can significantly hinder your performance DURING sex. But what causes these hideous and taunting fears that you have? Well, there are several reasons that trigger male performance anxiety and thankfully many ways to try and overcome it.

It’ All In Your Head(s)

Performance anxiety comes from a few different directions and it’s certainly different for everyone. First way it’s in your head is physiologically. Many reasons may lead you to feel anxious about sex such as the questions listed in the first paragraph. Many men don’t have a lot of experience having sex and so just the thought of going through with it freaks them out. Another valid distress is the fear she won’t orgasm with you. Putting this out of your mind is best because most women DON’T have an orgasm during sex; this doesn’t mean you’re incompetent. You may also think your partner is ‘out of your league’, leading to self-doubt and unease.

If you don’t think it’s a matter of not being good enough you probably fall into the category of it being in your head; the head of your penis that is. Any man who has experienced erectile dysfunction in bed or pre-ejaculation knows what it’s like to be mortified and shunned from the bedroom. If this happens to a man, he is more than likely going to catch a case of sexual anxiety for obvious reasons. The fear of going flaccid again while inside her is a petrifying thing to think about and even worse if it’s a new lover.

Prevent & Treat

There are several ways to overcome MPA. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction there are many meds out there such as sildenafil that will help with your inner confidence and prevent you from being coming limp during intercourse. There are also creams like lidocaine that will help decrease the feeling in your penis so that you are less likely to cum early. When the tip of your penis is less sensitive you will have more control over your body and be able to last longer.

If you’re only scared of suffering from any of these problems or would like to stay away from the medications you can try a few other things. Staying healthy is a key factor in preventing all the problems that have been discussed in this segment. Diabetes, being overweight, and high blood pressure have all been linked to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Trying to keep your body right will help you perform better in the bedroom. You should also think about seeing a therapist or discussing your reservations and problems with your partner or at the very least, a friend. Talking about your insecurities may be the only thing you need to make you feel more confident and overcome your uncertainties.

Male performance anxiety is definitely no joke and should be addressed right away. Talking to your doctor may be the best route for you to get some great tips and solid advice. Anything you can do to ease your mind and become more confident is worth a shot!

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