Habits Men Have That Women Hate

Women cry easily, get moody, text and call too much, get jealous, cuddle too long, and generally irritate you when they are around their girlfriends; but there are some things that women hate just as much in you as you do in them. Sometimes the things you enjoy the most are what annoy her the most. You may be surprised at some habits and traits you have that really drive her crazy. Here are some of the top habits men have that women hate.

Your Bromances. We know you love your bros and even have a special bond with a couple of them, but these deep connections you have with that certain dude at work or guy at the gym can really make us itch. You talk about him way more than you think you do and even though it’s not a chick, we get jealous. We don’t care to know what you two ate for lunch or how much he lifted that morning. Try and tone down the simple facts about him that we can live without knowing and stick to the juicy details or none at all!

Watching Cartoons. Now you may think that this old childhood habit on Saturday mornings is endearing and shows us a sense of vulnerability when in fact it just flat out drives us nuts! A weekend morning when you get up and eat 8 bowls of cereal in front of the TV is something she can do without. To most women, the weekends have the potential to be very romantic and intimate. Even if it’s a lazy day having sex and cuddling before breakfast or a morning where you’d get up and go on a walk before you hit the restaurant together, we need that time! You watching ‘toons’ all morning really irks us and you have to cut back!

Video Games. Hate to break it to you; but gamers aren’t sexy. It takes a ton of your time, all your attention, and makes you a zombie… and a nerd. No woman wants a man who plays video games three hours a night instead of spending time with her. We get you need an escape but try and limit your time with the controller.

Short Texts. Being that texting your girlfriend is probably the number one way of communicating when you’re away from each other, you should at least do it right. Nothing bothers us more than when you respond: K. U2. Or, Funny. What the hell is that?! You need to put a little more effort into your texts. Little tip that goes a long way? If you want to only answer with a short text, insert a smiley face or an exclamation point! It adds a whole new cuteness to your boring and annoying one liners.

These habits men have that women hate are just some of a lot, but try and tone down these and you’ll relieve a lot of her stress she feels for you. The biggest common denominator is she wants more of your attention instead of you ignoring her for bros, cartoons, and video games.

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