Vaporizers: From E-Cigarettes to Herbal Blends

There is a new application of how to administer your favorite tobacco or herbal blend. Rising above the old school light up and smoke technique an age old approach has made its way into the popular mainstream. It is the use of a vaporizer which works on the science of a hot air draw rather than an incinerated choice. It is allegedly healthier and more eco-friendly as well as offering a much richer ‘smoking’ experience.

How it Works

A vaporizer works by heating up an encased element in a variety of design applications using electric, battery or gas (butane) power. This element is a millimeter away from the administered blend, never touching it as it heats to various temperatures ranging from approximately 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other end, attached to the blend is a transport device such as a food grade plastic, glass, metal, wood tube or simple hole. When the temperature reaches the desired level the user then slowly inhales through the transport device. This draws air into and through the heating element then through the packed blend drawing out the desired taste and/or chemical enhancement such as nicotine or THC only.

What the Science Says

Vaporizers seem to be a healthier choice which was found to be shown within several research results. According to a study done by Chem Labs in Canton , Massachusetts , a chromatograph mass spectrometer was used to measure the amount of gases ingested when vaporizing various blends. It proved the elimination of many of the harmful substances such as naphthalene, benzene, toluene and other carcinogenic toxins found in tobacco, cannabis and other herbs. THC was found to be considerably enhanced by using a vaporizer.

The Grinder

Vaporizing does require a finely ground blend to make sure a full draw is allowable. Un-ground material is chunky and cumbersome causing the heated air to draw from around the material neglecting to penetrate inside it. By grinding to a fine powdery consistency the heated air is able to then cover the entire spectrum of the desired blend not just the periphery. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes and, like many items, the more you pay the better the grinder. Popular models are Space Case, Mendo Mulcher, Chromium Crusher, SharpStone and Mix’n Ball.

Best Vaporizers

Depending on your needs there are a variety of vaporizer designs for everyone. The best E-cigarette vaporizers according to eCigreviews dedicated to consumer driven critiques are: V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke. For herbal blends there is the wall plug in devices: Volcano, Silver Surfer and Top Vapor VP 150. There are also the portable designs such as The Wispr (butane), The Davinci (battery), Magic Flight Box (battery) and The Vapir (battery).

If you are trying to minimize your carcinogenic tobacco intake or want to simply inhale healthier herb then give a vaporizer a try. It is the new, clean way to deliver your vice and reduce your guilt.

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