Meeting the Parents: How to Act like a Future Son-In-Law

So you have been banging your brains out with the same girl for a while now and the inevitable question is soon to arise, “When are you going to meet my parents?” Meeting the parents can be a real deal breaker. If you have been hanging from the rafters exchanging hot fluids the last thing you want to do is put a stop to that. However, if you dig the chick enough to possibly put a ring on her finger you will eventually have to see if the rest of her baggage is a possible fit. Keeping her away from your family is the best move until you decide hers is crazier than yours then it is okay. Here are a few things to consider when meeting the folks.


Before heading into the hornet’s nest make sure you do your homework. Subtly extract as much information about her parents that will help you shine like the fool’s gold you really are. Ask where they were educated, what they do for a living, how they responded to past boyfriends, what their political stance is, how their religious beliefs swing and some of their favorite things. This information will enable you to have plenty to engage them in conversation with making you look like the prodigal choice.

Anticipate the Questions

Just like a job interview the parents of your girlfriend will be making sure that her pussy is in the right hands. You will have to answer all the probing questions that may make your asshole shudder depending on your situation. Have answers for the following subjects: your career, you future career, your political and religious beliefs, your family, your likes and dislikes. It is a very fine line here so ‘white lies’ are allowable. Just do not go overboard and make up things because they will come back to haunt you and if these are to be your in-laws that makes for some very stressful visits.

Dress the Part

Do not dress like an idiot and do not overdress either. If it is informal wear an upscale casual outfit that matches and is ironed. Again, think job interview so everything they lay eyes on will speak volumes of who’s cock their daughter is sucking.

The Handshake Eye Contact Meet

First impressions are forever lasting so rather than hear the story every year at Thanksgiving of how you were a sniveling idiot the first time they met you make sure you step up. Give the father a firm (not circulating stopping) handshake and look deep into his eyes accompanied by a warm smile. Ask your girlfriend beforehand if it is okay to kiss her mom on the cheek and give her a light hug otherwise a gentle handshake and eye hold will do.

Overall do not try too hard when meeting the parents. Be yourself and stay grounded so they can see who their daughter fell in love with. Chances are they will fall in love with you too.

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