Hot Sex: 4 Ways To Get Naughty at Work

Whether you work in finance or the stock trade, work will always dominate much of the day, as this is what you are paid to do. Sex, on the other hand, is the other sole dominator of the day. Most of the time, it may be easy to sweep your sexual urge under the carpet, until you get a private moment to masturbate or have sex with a partner, but when that urge to orgasm strikes, it is difficult to concentrate on much else. It is possible to have hot sex at work, but you must use common sense.

  1. Text Sex. This is pretty obvious, but some industries are far stricter about the use of mobile phones use in work time. However, there is a sense of delinquency in sending a short and sweet message to a partner, or crush. If you know your manager has an afternoon meeting, and the office is not filled with CCTV cameras, go ahead and get naughty with a partner. Sneak into the stationary cupboard, slip your finger down your pants and get your boxers sticky. There is something strangely stimulating about the thought of getting caught in the act.
  2. Cybersex. Some industries allow the use of instant messenger, while others are very strict about Internet usage. If you are a quick typist, you may be able to keep the messaging under control. What you don’t want is for someone to see the flashing “instant” message. In my last admin role, I often reminisced about hot sex with ex-partners. I was so confident that the manager would soon be requesting a meeting with me about my Internet usage, or sexual conversations, as no doubt everything is logged, but I got away with every naughty deed!
  3. Phone Sex. This if far more difficult to do at work, and best suited toward men who are not afraid to masturbate whenever the urge strikes. Head to the toilet with your mobile phone, phone your partner, and ask her to describe how she would touch herself. Her description will soon have your tip creaming, but the orgasm will be far more intense, since you won’t be able to scream in ecstasy.
  4. Doggy Style Sex. Obviously this scenario is only possible if you are dating a colleague. Head to the kitchen together to make a coffee, check that no one has followed, pull up her skirt shielding her from the sight of anyone else, unbutton your flies, and have quickie hot sex while you bite on the nape of her neck to initiate her moans.

There are times when work can be super boring, but if you can invoke your dirty mind you’ll be able to have hot sex at work. These 4 tips will add spontaneity to your sex life, and if you’re lucky, she’ll be pouncing on you for seconds, as soon as you arrive home.

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