Satisfy A Woman: 10 Ways To Satisfy A Woman Away From The Bedroom

Women are difficult to impress. They have a different thought structure to men. What makes a woman irate can certainly make a man frown, but he may not understand why she experiences multiple personality changes. There are surefire ways to satisfy a woman. Here are 10 ways to satisfy a woman away from the bedroom.

  1. Make a note of important dates: Do not forget her birthday, or your anniversary. To most women, these are important dates. Better still; buy her a gift because you want to surprise her. She will be grinning from ear to ear, and she’ll be in your good books for days, weeks or even months.
  2. Get along with her family and friends: Her friends and family mean as much to her as you do. She discusses intimate details with her friends, and if you have a strong bond with them, your relationship is likely to grow in strength. Her friends and family may be the one’s she turns to when she has a problem, so gaining their respect should be one of your priorities.
  3. Compromise: You may have an evening planned with the boys, but she might just want to spend a romantic evening watching girly movies with you. You can spend a night out with the boys another time. Give into her demands, watch her movie, and she will have to make the same compromise when your favorite sport is on the TV.
  4. Do not be afraid of showing a vulnerable side: Women like to help their man, so if you have to request her help about a sensitive matter, she’ll be the one by your side.
  5. Hugs without intercourse: Caressing her soft skin may give you a hard-on, but women love to feel close to a partner. Hug her without the urge to take it further and she will respect your sacrifice.
  6. Cook for her: There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s much the same with women. If you are lucky to have a woman who loves her food, other than calorie counting, cook her a romantic meal and seduce her into bed.
  7. Give her attention: If you are out with the guys and the girlfriends are invited, do not forget to give her compliments and touch her frequently. While you might be spending time with your friends, the attention you give her will make her feel special and wanted.
  8. Spontaneous romance: Send her a romantic poetry by text or email, or pop round to her workplace with a bunch of flowers. If you make her feel like you are thinking about her constantly, she will love the gesture.
  9. Keep your promises: If you have promised to cook her a meal, or take her out at the weekend, fulfill those promises. A bigger promise might be a holiday abroad. As long as you are working toward the promise, she will appreciate your efforts.
  10. Communicate: This is paramount in every relationship. Once the conversation has died, it can take months to regain that spark. Although your life may be filled with work and other demands, spend several hours a week catching up on life. Sharing worries is a great way to relieve the burden and satisfy a woman.

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