The One: 6 Tips To Discover If She’s Your Soulmate

Relationships can create happiness or misery, dependent upon whom you choose to date. There are so many dating websites promising that you will meet the one or your perfect soulmate, but it’s not as easy to find this perfect match. If your partner fills each of these traits, then she may be the one.

  1. Does she make you feel good? The prime reason why a relationship can succeed is because of how a woman makes you feel. Some women are too demanding of a partner, and if she constantly belittles you, her actions will be the deal breaker. Love is the acceptance of one another’s flaws, and if she wants perfection, let her search all her life for something she will never find, while you search for a partner who accepts you for who you are.
  2. Is she encouraging? Are you bored with your job and want to put your creative juices to work in finding a job that will allow you to feel appreciated? A loving partner will not judge your concerns; only encourage you to seek happiness in every area of your life.
  3. Chemistry and good sex: Does she cause the flutter of butterflies in your tummy? This is a good sign, since you want to meet a partner who is always going to make you feel excited. A woman with a kinky side is going to create more excitement in a man, than a woman who just lies there without enthusiasm.
  4. You don’t need to impress her: If you previously dated a woman because she looked good on your arm, it can be mentally exhausting to date a high maintenance woman, since it’s likely that she’ll spend more time on her hair and nails than blow jobs. Forget about trying to impress your family and friends, and choose a partner who makes your heart go all a flutter when you’re in her company. Remember, this is your happiness, and no one else has a say in the matter about whom you date.
  5. Do you think about her constantly: It is an extremely healthy sign if you wake up thinking about her, want to call and text her daily, and go to bed thinking about her soft skin in your hands. Love is a very intense emotion, but it’s beautiful to watch two people in love, and even better to feel it on a daily basis.
  6. When you feel down, does she nurture and listen? Life is abounding with worries. Most of the time you may want to deal with the stress all on your own, but it is also healthy to share your burdens with a partner. If she tries her best to make you regain hope, she’s the one.

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