Sexy Lingerie: 5 Tips on How to Choose Lingerie as a Gift

There is no doubt that any woman looks sexy when her body is adorned in sexy lingerie. Red, purple, and black are sexy shades. Lingerie is a great gift to buy a woman for her birthday or anniversary. Here are 5 tips on how to choose lingerie as a gift.

  1. Knickers or thong: In order to choose a piece of sexy lingerie she will feel comfortable in, first you must take notice of what she wears on a daily basis. Does she wear knickers or does she prefer a thong? Does she accentuate her bust with a push up bra, or does she opt for comfort with a balconette bra?
  2. Be adventurous: If she has seven black satin chemises, then it’s doubtful that she will need another one. Why not buy her a see-through outfit or bodysuit, one that will accentuate her curves or bottom. You will also be able to imagine how her figure looks in a particular outfit. This is one advantage men have over women—visualization.
  3. Choose a comfortable material: Silk and satin feel gorgeous to touch, but lace can be slightly itchy. She may prefer to wear cotton lingerie, as it is soft and breathable. Do a little investigation in her closet, or ask her outright without being too obvious.
  4. Know her size: There is no point guessing her cup size, if you have never investigated her lingerie drawer. Make this the first step in discovering her figure size. The lingerie assistant will be very helpful, as they receive many male visitors on a daily basis who are buying gifts for a partner. Underwired bras are perfect for larger breasted ladies, so don’t feel afraid to ask for professional advise from the sales assistant. If you are still not sure about her size, choose a baby doll outfit or gown that has a more generous fit.
  5. Don’t be embarrassed: Do not enter a lingerie store and buy the first item you see, without first considering whether she likes the product.  Make a decision based on the color, fabric and fit, and if you feel confident in your purchase, she will love it too.

Buying sexy lingerie for a partner does not have to be a daunting process, especially if you already know her cup and hip size. From stockings and suspenders to long silky gowns, she will appreciate the effort you took to choose this gift for her.

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