The Best Sex: Give to Receive Pleasure

The best sex of all includes reciprocal desire, so if you are always giving her pleasure, it’s time she gave you the same in return. Some men are heavy pussy lovers; other men despise its natural musk. If your partner cleans her genitals regularly, oral sex should be an enjoyable experience for the both of you.

There is something incredibly powerful about making a partner come with your fingers, tongue and mouth. What is equally important is a partner allowing you to taste her most intimate area. She could be paranoid about her scent, and it may be stronger as she draws closer to her menstrual cycle, but sexual juices contain pheromones and are designed to arouse both parties.

Focus on Self-Less Sex

Set several rules in the bedroom. Throw down your defenses and concentrate only on her pleasure. She may enjoy her spine stroked by your fingers, or she may prefer a piece of silk tantalizing her nipples into suckable peaks. There are tons of ways to create her pleasure, so turn on your creative mind and start devising a few arousing moves you know she will be unable to resist. The key is to turn her so incredibly wet that she will agree to anything to experience her orgasm.

A Selfish Lover Equals Unsatisfactory Sex

It is natural to expect the same in return after you have given her such pleasure, but many women are selfish in the bedroom. If she refuses to give you head, give her an ultimatum and do not settle for immature blackmail. Love equals sacrifice, but the best sex includes oral sex. If you have been together for a long time, and you are happy to leave it at that, your future with her will include only a life of wanking? Even then she might frown if she catches you in the act. It doesn’t sound too promising does it?

To Summarize

The best sex of all includes two self-less partners whose only desire is to create pleasure in a partner. If you are not receiving adequate pleasure, it may be time to look elsewhere. If you are a selfish lover, or your partner is much the same, try not taking no for an answer. It is not weak to give pleasure to receive pleasure, quite the contrary. If you want to be viewed as a hot lover then you’ll have to put in the hard work to impress her, and vice versa if she is a lousy lay.

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