Play Ball: How to Get Her to Fondle Your Balls the Right Way

Just like vaginas and penises, testicles come in many shapes and sizes. They are an integral part of the whole sex package and, unfortunately, most women have no idea how to play ball. Depending on the guy, it is often an area that is way more sensitive than the shaft which in turn requires an experienced hand or mouth. Sometimes, it is hard enough to get a woman to suck your cock but to have them venture to the sack area can be a challenge. Here are a few ways to guide her into your tiny bags so she can appreciate the prize of your moaning, gyrating jizz shooting crotch simply by handling it the proper way.

Oral Ball Rolling

Knowing what is most stimulating for your ball sack is important. If it is a warm, wet mouth that takes each nut and gently swirls an intermittent, darting tongue all over it then oral ball rolling is for you. You may want to carefully shave your sack out of consideration for her otherwise pubic hair filled mouth and wash thoroughly including your ‘taint and a-hole. Guide her and let her know how easy or rough you want those puppies orally fondled being sure to instruct her to pump your hopefully rock hard, spit covered man stick at the same time. If she is real brave and you are scrubbed and shaved clean then give her permission to plunge her tongue into your ass and lick all along your ‘taint, over your balls and right onto your cock. Knee weakening.

Kneading and Tugging

Guidance here is essentially as most women grab the balls like they are two rocks instead of two delicate eggs. Let her know that using her hands is okay but to be gentle and vigilant if she has long, manicured nails (ouch!). Cupping with an ever so slight squeeze while glomming deep on your cock can have your juice spurting in no time. There is also the easy tug that can be added as well. This should be done using the full hand and not the fingers. Tell her to take the sack in her palm, gently close her close fingered hand and tug the skin, not the balls. This can feel great for most guys especially during a hand or blowjob.

Doggy Sack Stim

She can also include some ball fondling while you are drilling her from behind. Start your power thrust feeling your man pouch slap against her ass. Then, tell her to reach underneath and run her fingers over your swinging sack making sure you slow down some so she can get in there. Then really turn up the heat by doing a reach around of your own and stimulate her clit. It is a monkey move of grand proportions.

Teaching her proper ball play can add hours of fun to your sex play. If you break up, do not be surprised if you get a thank you note from her next lover.

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