How to Look at Other Women’s Asses when You are with Your Woman

There is a lot of ass out there and when you lock it in with just one all you have left is the menu to look over. However, if most women catch their man gawking at another tight butt, well, there could be hell to pay. Learn how to look at other women’s asses when you are with your woman and hopefully you will turn into a pro and never miss an important viewing.

The Point

Stand on a corner and point up. Most people will look. The point is always a great distraction when trying to check out some prime ass around your woman. The moment you spot some ass coming your way get ready and look around for a distracting view. As she walks by quickly point to something to divert your woman and at the same time soak in that tight ass. By the time your woman stops looking at your made up distraction the viewing will be complete.

The Side Glance

It is best to be wearing dark, snug fitting sunglasses for the side glance. Be on the side of the woman walking toward you. As she passes, strain your eyes as much to the side as possible without turning your neck. It is an Olympic feat but it can be done and once you get good at it you can do it at parties, movie theatres and especially at the pool or beach.

Make Up a Reason

Always have a reason tucked in the back of your head in case she catches you. This means that when you look you have to absorb as much as you can in a short period of time or else you will be snagged with your eyes and tongue hanging out. If this happens say something like, “Did you see those pants she was wearing, they were totally wrong for her.” Or “Holy shit I swear I think I just heard that chick fart.” You can even go as far as picking something out that has nothing to do with the girl such as a store or sign that allegedly caught your attention.

Fess Up

Chances are that your woman is also looking at women. Most women dress to impress other women because they know they will be scrutinized more by women than men. Therefore, when a major piece of ass walks by and you get caught simple say, “She was pretty.” or “What did you think of her?” You may be surprised at her answer and before you know it you will both be trying to figure out how to pull off a threesome.

How to look at other women’s asses when you are with your woman can be fun, entertaining, kinda scary and most of all a great way to add some real time visuals to your spank bank. Now get out there and practice your skills so you do not miss any quarter bouncing butts.

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