Beware of Female Rage

Men possess a big roar however when it comes to the opposite sex all men should beware of female rage. Take a look at a mother bear if someone or something comes too close to her cubs. There is a deep seated anger that can emerge at the drop of a dime which is all it takes to become bloodied in her path. Do not underestimate this fire that lurks in the belly of most women no matter how docile or soft spoken they may be. Here are a few red flags to look for on what you may be up against if you decide on a long term relationship with your woman. You just may reconsider.


Many women feel unheard. It is still a patriarchal (male dominated) society out there which can be frustrating when she needs to get her point across and just because she has a vagina she is often not taken seriously. This is why, in some women, volume can escalate when they get angry. Have you ever seen a poor bastard being verbally beat down in public, his woman flailing her arms and yapping at him like he’s a berated child? That could be you. If your woman gets loud every time she gets angry, you will be stuck with this behavior for however long you are with her.

Closing the Pussy Gates

Pussy power has caused countries to fall. If she gets mad at you it is practically inevitable that you will not be receiving any sex for an unknown duration of time. This can be highly frustrating, especially if she angers easily and/or you are a constant dickhead. Take note of how long the pussy gates close after you fight. If she milks it longer than necessary you may as well stock up your future closets with some good lube. That, or find a woman with a better disposition making sure her anger meter stays low enough for her to hop into bed regardless of some minor squabbling,. They are hard to find but they are out there.


Most women are sensitive beings. Therefore, be careful of the ones that take sick every time they get angry. It could be minor at first but you may notice that the more volatile her rage the sicker she gets. Chances are that this will also stay the same forever. Decide whether you want to get on that rollercoaster where you argue and even though you might need some down time (to get over hating her) she immediately becomes sick. Then, not only are you still mad at her but you have to take care of her so it is hard to stay mad. It is a very passive aggressive move that can get tiring fast.

Beware of female rage and determine how much you can stomach. Sure, you have your shortcomings as well but dealing with inconsolable, out of control, unreasonable female anger can sometimes just be too much to take.

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