Erotic Asphyxiation: The Dangers of Experiencing The Ultimate “High”

Some men and women are into experimental sex and will use whatever method it takes to achieve the ultimate high. Erotic asphyxiation is one such method. It is believed that the heightened sensation of being unable to breathe so close to orgasm delivers heightened pleasure, but when it can often come at the price of death, is it worth experimenting with such pleasure? All orgasms are wonderful, and every single one is different. Some can be more powerful than another, while others are simple tension release.

Individuals into erotic asphyxiation may enjoy aggressive sex. One such taboo subject is the asphyxiation wank. Experienced mistresses may practice it on her clients, but it is a dangerous game, as four or more minutes of strangulation can cause brain damage, in the average person.

How To Experiment With Erotic Asphyxiation

The easiest way to try erotic asphyxiation is to lie on your back whilst masturbating, and put a pillow over your face to restrict your breathing. This will give an indication of whether or not you enjoy such pleasure. It is thought to produce a potent orgasm, although you may experience a succession of “mini orgasms” before the big one. Methods like asphyxiation can teach self-control and strengthen orgasm, but the pleasure is focused in the mind, rather than the penis.

Another erotic asphyxiation method is to use your hand to cover the nostrils and mouth, but this move must be performed toward the final stages of masturbation, and can be used especially to heighten pleasure and induce an orgasm. The convenience of this method is to experiment with different levels of erotic asphyxiation, and if it feels too strange, you can then remove your hand and breathe normally.

How NOT To Experiment with Erotic Asphyxiation

Avoid using plastic bags to self-asphyxiate, as the last thing you want to feel is panic. Many people have died in this way. If this is the method to create your “high,” please ensure that you trust yourself, or your partner implicitly.

Erotic Asphyxiation – The Summary

Asphyxiation is a taboo subject. Whether you choose to self-asphyxiate or involve a partner, you must trust him or her completely. If the trust is there, go ahead and achieve the ultimate high. Use the hands to cover the hands and mouth, but avoid placing a plastic bag over the head, as it can cause death.

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