Psychic Sex: How To Influence Her With Thought

The Universe is vast, yet there are so many people claiming to have “psychic” energy, and he or she will likely charge you for these services. What if everyone has a psychic sexual energy within him or her, but it requires fine-tuning. Most individuals believe in instinct or intuition, and this energy is otherworldly. Some individuals are more in tune with this energy than others, but what if you could use this energy to have psychic sex. It is possible to influence her with thought, and you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to learn these tricks.

The Power of Sexual Influence

At one time or another, I am sure you have influenced a woman from afar. Perhaps you sensed her sexual vibe before she even looked at you and immediately thought, I would not kick her out of bed. Women like this are extremely sexual. She knows what she wants and she sets out to attain it. Women are renowned to use their looks and body to tease a man into submission, and it’s not wrong to do so, but what if you could gain the same influence and turn her into putty in your hands through psychic sex?

Psychic sex is simple. Send sexual vibes her way. Make it intense. Visualize the scene. Imagine the scent of her skin and hair. How her sex smells and tastes, and her warm breath seconds before your first kiss. Is she rampant or romantic? If you are in a social setting, watch her dance. How she expresses herself on the dance floor is often how she will perform in the bedroom.

It is always better if both parties are tuned into each other, during psychic sex, but why not try influencing your partner, or crush, from afar. You may surprise yourself!

Types of Telepathy

Telepathy or psychic energy is very common, and you may realize you are more psychic than normal. For instance, you are tuned into the telepathic frequency when you think about a song and you switch on the radio and it’s playing, or when you think about a person you have not heard from a while, and he or she texts or calls you. This is not a meaningful coincidence; it is a step away from the usual stress of life and reconnecting with intuition. Telepathy is one form of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

Easy Ways to Experiment With Psychic Sex

  • During an intense argument, instead of focusing your mental energy on “being right in the moment,” focus it on her satisfaction. After several minutes of psychic stripping her and giving her mind-blowing oral, tell her how sexy she looks while she is going wild, and she may just surprise you with equally hot sex.
  • During a meal together, make intense eye contact with her. Telepathically suggest, “I’m gonna get such a deep suck from you tonight,” or “Come on sexy, give me the fuck of my life tonight,” and watch her reactions. If she starts to look away bashfully, your psychic influence may just be targeting her pleasure centers.
  • Turn off the TV, light several candles, and focus fully on your partner. Listen and connect, and the scene may turn sexual. Words are powerful and you can create her pleasure by simply describing how you would like to pleasure her, or try it through psychic sex.


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