Self-Sabotage: I Do Not Deserve Happiness

Self-sabotage is a little devil lurking in your subconscious, and it’s always ready to strike in full force during stressful periods of your life. It can make you do stupid things, like engage in an affair, even though you love your partner. Internally, your subconscious mind is saying, I do not deserve happiness so I’d better fuck up…yet again.

How Can Self-Sabotage Manifest?

Those inner demons can manifest in various ways, including procrastination, drug use, alcohol, over eating, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. No one is perfect. Demons are always ready to bash you down when you feel unworthy of happiness. So what happens when this happens to you in a relationship? Do you give in to the self-sabotaging demon and act like you don’t deserve happiness, or do you use positive self-talk to push through the pain until you feel normal again. No one wants to deal with these tough emotions because it’s like stepping into hell. Those feeling of unworthiness could stem from a haunting memory, or perhaps mental, physical, sexual abuse, or even settling into society. The subconscious mind does a great job, although not always an easy one, of trying to make you feel comfortable, without linking to that pain, but it often uses some type of addiction to help.

While it might seem helpful to have an addiction, this can create more and more self-sabotage, and it’s those feeling of unworthiness, those thoughts of procrastination, that must be controlled.

I Do Not Deserve Happiness

This question can manifest in one-way or another in your life, but how do you respond? Will you react by giving into the subconscious urge to seek your addictive pleasure, or will you face your fear and realize that the subconscious mind is not speaking the whole truth. You deserve happiness, like everyone deserves happiness. Yes, even those who wish to seek harm to others need happiness. Obviously, there are other factors influencing his or her decision in creating such misery in another person’s life, but being aware of the situation and thought pattern, is key to controlling such self-sabotaging thoughts.

Jealousy is a self-sabotaging pattern, which is why many women grow threatened when she learns that a partner watches porn or reads erotic literature. She has a trust issue to deal with, and it’s too painful for her, so she lashes out with jealousy, and makes you believe it is your fault. It is not your fault, but trying to be compassionate with her “problem” could be the key to helping her deal with her self-sabotage.

To Summarize

What can you do if you procrastinate? There is an issue that has yet to be healed within, so talk to the “demon of fear” within and make a pact. Remind yourself constantly that you ARE worthy of happiness, you are worthy of a loving partner, and you deserve respect from others. Self-sabotage can be beaten, but it does require awareness and compassion.

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