Tips on How to Travel with a Woman

The best test for a relationship is to plan and go on a trip together. You may be used to an easy going trek with your buds but when it comes to hitting the road with a woman all the rules (and some of the fun) go out the window. Prepare yourself with these tips on how to travel with a woman and you may be able to avoid some ugly scenarios.

Destination Compromise

If you are both on the same page when it comes to likes and dislikes then you will have a much easier time choosing a destination. However, you may want to hike and explore and she may want to work on her tan. If this is the case, it is best to determine the perfect compromise so you are both happy. For instance, if it is a tropical island that has her ass planted at the beach or pool all day, you may want to join her for a while then head off on your own to get your fix. When planning a destination make sure you are both happy and in agreement on how you want to spend time together and/or alone.


Trying to talk practical sense into a woman when it comes to packing is like trying to explain physics to a three year old. Most women will over pack inevitably causing you to drag their six pieces of luggage along with your own. Check if there is a valet service at your hotel and if there is let her know that you will spring for paying to have her clothes laundered or dry cleaned if she agrees to pack less. Also, the one good thing about luggage weight restrictions on airlines is that this too will force her to go easy on the suitcase stuffing. Find out the penalties and be sure and verse her on how much it will cost her if she brings twelve pairs of shoes as opposed to three. Finally, make sure you have luggage that can be transported easily. Wheels are a back saver for sure.

Keep a Happy Face

First off, when you leave for your trip, avoid a fight at all costs. There is nothing worse than starting out a vacation wanting to strangle her before you even get out the door. Be on your best behavior and she should follow suit. Most guys can get over delayed flights, long lines and tight spaces a lot faster than most women so if you are more positive than usual she will likely enjoy the trip regardless of unseen snafus. That means way more sex too.

These few tips on how to travel with a woman may give you some insight on chalking up what will hopefully be a long list of successful travel memories. As you experience more road trips together you will actually look forward to hanging with your babe.

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