Is Marriage Becoming a Thing of the Past?

The Pew Research Center published a study as quoted in Time magazine by writer Belinda Luscombe, that stated approximately 40% of Americans feel that “marriage is obsolete” and unnecessary for “sex or companionship or professional success or respect or even children”. You may be surrounded by friends who keep biting the bullet but there could be more and more that step back and ask, “Is marriage becoming a thing of the past?”

More Marriage Stats

Roughly 70% of American adults were married in 1960; today that number is practically cut in half. The median age that most people get married now is about 28 for men and 26 for women. In the past it was not uncommon for marriage to begin at 19 or 21. Many will even argue that 28 and 26 are low and that most people are waiting well into their 30’s to lock it in or this late age may be spawning a ‘petering out’ of the urge altogether.

Both Sides

Familial religion and culture play a large role in pushing people toward marriage. It is considered a sacred, fabric of stability that is essential for procreation as a civilized species. The Salt Lake City Desert News gained some traction when they responded to the Pew Research poll stating that it was “frightening” and that family was most threatened but such statistics and it would surely affect the “health and well-being of children” if marriage were to dissipate. Brian Alexander of MSNBC online thinks that it is not that bad. He feels that people are becoming more realistic with their individual futures by treating commitment as a “menu choice” rather than a doctrinated, obligatory, fairy-tale fueled requirement. Co-habitation, separate residences, religion-less ceremonies, gay parenthood and even open relationships are all becoming accepted choices with minimal, if any, finger pointing.

Listen to the Pros

Ask men married ten years or more how they feel about their relationship. The truthful ones will tell you they think about tapping strange ass all day long. Others will tell you how bored, domesticated and lacking in identity they feel. Sure, there are a few who enjoy the institution but most will probably discourage you from marrying. They will tell you it is mainly for the woman and, kids aside, if it were up to them they would never have done it given a second chance. Take a good hard listen to these married pros and ask yourself if it might be possible to remain single and still achieve some semblance of happiness when it comes to a relationship. If this contemplation is not enough then spend a weekend in a veteran married guy’s house and watch and learn. Chances are you just may run for the hills after that.

Many will still get hitched nowadays but those that don’t are just as accepted. If you are still wondering, “Is marriage becoming a thing of the past?” chances are that you may see less of it as more people come to their senses.

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