Monster-In-Law to Mother-In-Law

Ah… the dreaded in-laws. Most men throughout history have had a hard time winning over the people in their girlfriends or wives lives. Trying to ensure that the family of your spouse trusts you with her life and really sees you as a good pair can be a huge challenge and some men never fully overcome it. Winning over your mother-in-law could be the most difficult of them all. The bond between a mother and daughter is very strong and she’ll be paying close attention to your every move. Here are some ways you can get her on your side and turn your monster-in-law to your mother-in-law.

1. Keeping your mother-in-law out of your relationship is the best way to keep her on your good side. Come up with a deal with your wife that she won’t run to her mom every time you two have a fight. When the only news she hears about you is bad news then you’re bound to stay in the dog house forever. Instead try and keep your relationship private or tell your wife to call on a friend in a fight so you can keep good with her family because they are so important to you. She’ll admire your concern and most likely follow suit.

2. Kindness is key when it comes to your mother-in-law. Treat your wife and her mother the same when you’re all together as odd as that may sound. Help with the dishes after dinner, offer to fire up the grill, say please and thank you, and forget all PDA around the in-laws. Make sure to compliment her on her cooking and clean home too. Don’t be over dramatic with the niceness but just enough to make her smile and not sound cheesy while doing it. Taking a interest in her hobbies or past will help seal the deal even more.

3. Small gifts when entering the home of the in-laws can go a long way. Stopping by to get some fresh flowers or a pie for after dinner are great ways to get them all on your side; and you’ll impress your wife too. Stick to the basics such as flowers, plants, deserts, or wines when trying to amaze her. Lavish or intimate gifts such as special candles, perfume, or purses can come across as trying too hard and you never want your wife to feel like you try harder with her mother than you do with her.

To turn your monster-in-law to your mother-in-law you’ll need patience, kindness, and privacy. Asking for the help of your wife can come in handy too. Tell her that you find it very important that her mother likes you and she’ll start helping out before you know it. Keep your cool and try not to get offended by things she says and keep the dirty jokes for your poker night!


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