3 Tips To Get A First Date Goodnight Kiss

Some men are not used to dating countless women and being a player their whole lives. If going on a first date with any woman makes you nervous then you clearly need a little help to boost your confidence and seal the deal. To help ensure the date goes smoothly and leads to a not awkward kiss at the end, you’ll need to know a few basic rules of first date etiquette.  To get the first date goodnight kiss sealed in, you need to be a charmer but also just be yourself.  Here are some basic guidelines to follow to lock lips and maybe have her invite you in for more skin on skin action than you’d hoped for.

Play The Chivalry Card. Being an old fashioned gentleman is not for sissies. Most women (especially mature, strong women) would prefer their man to take care of them and act as though she was a queen of the night. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, and offering to pour her wine are just some classic ways to start winning her over. Be polite and laugh at her jokes, stand up when she leaves the table for a bathroom break, and stand up when she comes back. She’ll be floored at your old style ways she thought were dead among all men.

Give Her The Chills. Small gentle touches can send a woman’s heart rate into a frenzy and get her blood boiling too. As she enters a room in front of you, gently guide her with placing your hand on the small of her back. The light touch that isn’t at all inappropriate will leave her wanting more of your hands on her body. When you’re at the door (or whenever else it feels right) softly move her bangs or strands of hair from her face and look into her eyes. The feeling a girl gets when a man touches her hair is indescribable and can be a huge turn on.

Compliment Away. Any woman with a pulse loves a good compliment. The key is to do it just enough, but not too much. If you don’t over compliment she’ll be left wondering if you really like her and every woman likes a chase; she’ll seek the goodnight kiss to make sure you’re into her. Give one to three sweet and charming compliments through the night that are genuine. When you first pick her up of course say how beautiful or gorgeous she looks, even “stunning”. Don’t just tell her she looks “good”. Make the next one or two compliments unique in nature. As she talks about her family, tell her own down to earth she sounds or compliment her knowledge of red wines. She’ll appreciate you taking an interest in something other than her looks and it’ll also leave her craving more of those compliments she so desperately seeks.

The 3 tips to get a first date goodnight kiss are simple and basic. If you know how to relax, be yourself, and be polite like your mother taught you, you should have no problem locking in the lip action and we can almost guarantee there will be a second date with a lot more than just lip talk.

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