Impress Your Boss

Feeling like your boss doesn’t care for you or your work ethics is something that can not only be stressful but a huge burden on your work environment day in and day out. Finding ways to help your boss like you a little more can ease some tension and make going to work a lot more enjoyable. Trying to impress your boss might seem like a way of sucking up but in reality… that’s the point of the job. You need a good working relationship with your boss to help you feel as though your career is going somewhere and worth something.

Be assertive. When you show your boss assertiveness it lets them know you are being “active” in your position. Ask for new tasks and bigger responsibilities when the time calls for it. Of course you don’t want to ever ask for more work if they need you to focus on bigger tasks at the time. Ask for a new responsibility when you truly feel as though you have time to take on a whole new genre in your position. Your boss will see this as the opposite of lazy and admire your motivation. Don’t be let down or embarrassed if they don’t have anything to give you; sometimes the work just isn’t there to distribute. Tell them you appreciate their time and remind them to keep you in mind for upcoming projects they need help with.

Know what’s significant. Learning what is important to your boss is about as crucial as it gets. Find out what your boss’s priorities are. If your boss likes fast results in your reports then make sure to turn them in a day earlier no matter what it takes. If your boss would prefer you to take your time on larger projects, do the research, and deliver amazing results, then try and focus on those and get your other work in as you can. Knowing what your boss finds the most important to the least is something every good employee should try and figure out.

Stay out of work drama. Bosses take especial notice to the people who are too friendly with each other. The ones who know too much about every Jim, Joe, and Sally that work at the office. Bosses don’t find it pleasant to hear about employees who constantly gossip and talk about other employees personal lives; this includes talking about themselves. Try and stay out of office gossip and keep your outside relations to a minimum. Also avoid over sharing with your boss. He doesn’t need to know the name of your cats, what lake you go to, or when your wife’s menstrual cycle is.

To impress your boss remember to be assertive, know priorities, and simplify your office life. Keeping a good relationship with the boss is easier once you know the few simply rules to follow. Do your work, do it right, and stay classy.

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