Fun Summer Work Outs- Blast Fat And Have A Blast!

We’re all looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors and still have fun. Being stuck inside a smelly gym or running on your boring old bike trail can get old very fast; and the summer is such a precious thing, most of us don’t want to waste it. If you’re looking for some good ways to get out and about and also stay in shape we have a few good ones for you to try. Here are some fun summer workouts that will let you blast fun while having a blast!

Mountain Biking is a great way to get out and see the nature trails and hills in your area. Riding bike through tougher terrains than just a sidewalk in your neighborhood significantly burns more calories and lets you discover parts of your city you may have not before. Try bringing a buddy and packing a light lunch and taking in some scenery along the way. A lot of hot women are taking up mountain biking so you might meet some sexy females on your new trails too.

Trampolines are a fun way to feel like a child and also shed some pounds. A new fast trend called “rebounding” is a fad that is popular among women but men should also take notice to (and not just for the bouncing boobs). Whether it’s a mini trampoline or a large sized outdoor trampoline, jumping on the springy surface is fun and makes you lose weight without feeling like you’re actually working out.

Basketball is one of the best ways to burn calories and get a sweat going. Baseball or beach volleyball can have a lot of standing around and waiting but basketball keeps you moving up and down the court constantly. You’re always defending or trying to score for your team and your heart rate will stay up for most of the game. Get into a league or just get a few friends to play some three-on-three.

Kayaking burns approximately 340 calories per hour. Getting onto the river or lake can be a great new hobby plus the best part is you sculpt your favorite areas. While kayaking you will target your triceps, biceps, core, back, and shoulders. Your upper body will be molded into perfection by the end of summer if you take it on as a regular activity.

Swimming is something we often overlook as a great way to burn fat and stay lean. You don’t need an indoor pool or backyard pool to swim for exercise. Going to the lake and going out to the buoy and back again and again will let you get your heart rate pumping while earning a nice solid tan. You can meet some new people and enjoy something besides a chlorine infested pool.

These fun summer workouts will really get you into shape while letting you discover new hobbies. Try all of them or just stick to one religiously.

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