Rebound Sex: Why It’s Not Always A Positive Way To Heal Heartbreak

If she has broken your heart, there may be the urge to have sex on the rebound. A breakup is difficult to endure, but having rebound sex is not always the best option, only a distraction from the real issue—heartbreak.

Having a casual fling is always an option, especially if you are feeling depressed and lonely. Casual sex takes your mind off the problem, and meeting a stranger can make you feel like you were missing out on tons of fun while you were in the relationship, but rebound sex offers only a mild solution. There is still the issue of healing the heart. While it may feel good to have sex with a stranger, what about in the morning when you wake up and completely regret your mistake? This could add further injury to the problem, but disgust and remorse at your actions is the last thing you want to feel.

Rebound Sex Always Includes The Ex

While it may be a positive step to jump straight into a relationship, or have casual sex with a stranger, rebound sex always includes the ex. If you have fallen straight into a relationship with someone you’ve always fancied, you may believe that your ex has completely disappeared, but she is still lurking in the background, in your mind, in your texts, in your emails or through friends. No matter how good it feels to be dating someone new and different, you may still find yourself thinking about your ex. The pain grows worse if you shared a strong bond, and you thought she was a red-hot goddess in the bedroom.

You May Have High Expectations

After a relationship breakup, you may find yourself trying to match your current beau with your ex, and this can raise complications. The last thing you want to do is scare away a new fling by pining about an ex, so drop the high expectations. Perhaps she cheated on you with a close friend. This is bound to crush the spirit, and there may be trust issues lurking beneath the surface that have yet to manifest. On the other hand, stepping out of an abusive relationship and hoping your new partner will be everything your ex wasn’t, is also building high expectations that may leave you feeling worse, especially if it were all to fall apart tomorrow.

Choosing a Similar Partner

Many times after a relationship breakup, you may choose to have rebound sex with a similar looking partner. This will only make you feel worse, since it will bring up lingering memories. The last thing you want to say to her is “you remind me of my ex” since this will make her feel lousy. If you have to get over her by having rebound sex then at least communicate beforehand and tell her outright it’s just a quick fling and nothing more.

Rebound Sex Does Not Allow Grieving

After a relationship breakup, the heart is grieving and it is a difficult time. It is great if you have solid friends and family to turn to, but do not self-destruct with rebound sex, especially since you are pulling a third person into the already difficult scene.

Have Safe Rebound Sex

The inhibitions may disappear after a breakup. You may feel like you don’t give a damn about anyone, and this is your way to unleash your hurt on the world, but don’t forget about contraceptives.

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