The Law of Attraction: Can It Magnetize A Soul Mate?

The New Age book, The Secret, disclosed one particular law that can draw anything into your life—The Law of Attraction. The author claims that by thinking positively, and believing you have already achieved the said thing, you will automatically receive whatever it is that you want or hope for.

Is it possible to attract a soul mate with the Law of Attraction? Experts believe it is. In fact, these New Age experts claim that he or she has attracted everything good into his or her life by choosing to focus on positive thought. So what if you think negatively, will the Law of Attraction manifest negativity? According to experts, yes. Anger begets anger; love begets love, and so forth.

How To Use The Law of Attraction to Attract a Partner

  1. Decide what you want from a relationship. Do you want something short and spicy, or a long-term relationship?
  2. Can you draw a perfect picture of what your next partner will look like? Be direct about appearance, personality, height, traits, sensuality and location etc.
  3. While God or the Universe is aiming to align a meeting point where you meet your next partner, try not to focus on the fact that he or she has not yet arrived.
  4. Stay busy socially and keep the mind active. Law of Attraction practitioners say that you should never question when or the request arrives, as one hint of hesitation could draw further anxiety your way. Instead, view your request as a planted seed ready to grow. Your partner may arrive in days; months or years but remain open-minded and do not question the how’s or when’s.
  5. Detaching from the outcome does not mean that you have forgotten about the request. It means that you have put your faith in a higher power to meet your request.
  6. Forget the peer pressure from others; remember this is your life.
  7. Your request will be met when everything is in place. You may meet in strange circumstances or during a night out on the town. There are billions of possibilities.

Personal Law of Attraction Experiences

I put my request in to God for a sexually open-minded partner, someone who wasn’t just out to use me for sex, someone who wanted to get to know the deep me, and it took several years for our paths to cross. Prior to that, I had received strange pointers from God alerting me to one particular name. It took my meeting an open-minded minister in Canada and editing and publishing his biography, for my partner and I to cross paths.  The number of times I felt peer pressure from friends to conform to a basic relationship made me feel desperate and weak, but I never sank to those levels. I had faith that my perfect partner would find me. Not only has the Law of Attraction worked to attract my soul mate, but it has also brought a beautiful apartment my way. And I wouldn’t particularly say I am “positive” all the time, but the belief is enough.

To Summarize

The Law of Attraction claims to help you draw good opportunities into your life, but it can have the opposite effect if you are a pessimist. The real key to the Law of Attraction is belief, so whatever you want, never hesitate that God or the Universe will not provide, but try not to be selfish with requests, since there’s no point in asking to win the lottery if you are tight with money. Generosity begets generosity and so on.


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