How to Make a Woman Smile

A Swedish study found that people, especially women, have a difficult time not smiling when flashed a genuine, non-phony, pearly white grin. So why is it so difficult to learn how to make a woman smile? There are many reasons but it mostly comes down to armor. Generally speaking, women are continually bombarded by overcompensating, annoyingly aggressive men. Smiling is often taken as an invitation so why would they smile for you? Here are a few pointers to get them to spread wide, and also smile.


Before you learn how to make a woman smile you need to know what not to do. The worst thing you can say is, “Hey, why don’t you smile?” or “C’mon, why do you look so angry, give me a smile.” This is like pouring gasoline on a fire. You have no idea what, not only a woman, but what anyone may be going through to be holding onto a frown, grimace or furrowed brow. They could be in physical pain or be dealing with any number of deep personal issues. The last thing they need is some big mouthed dope demanding that they smile.

Pay Attention and Ease In

The best way to make a woman smile is by easing in with a soft sell. Pay attention to things she may be eyeing and then, as if you could not care less, throw an innocent comment her way like: “Do you think he got a free bowl of soup when he bought that suit?” or “Some guys just love to lean on their car horn to make up for, well, you know?”. It may seem cheesy but if you almost act like you are talking to a friend, rather than a woman you want to have sex with, she will more often than not, respond with a smile and maybe more.

Be Genuine

Rather than think up a funny line why not hit her from the heart. Say something like, “Hi, you look like you can hold up a conversation can I buy you a drink?” Women can sense a genuine attempt and if you can tap into speaking from the heart without sounding too mushy, desperate or cocky she may very well let down her guard and give you a grin. A compliment is also a good way to go but don’t overdo it. Use a simple approach like, “I think you look absolutely beautiful.”


This is one of the hardest ways to make a woman smile. If you decide to use comedy you better be really good at it or you will just be another schmuck dancing around for a laugh. When you are “on” with your friends, really getting them going with your antics, take a look around. If women seem to be responding peripherally include them in your act and they may be smiling by your side all night long.

How to make a woman smile and for you to become more appealing to women takes a keen eye, clever humor and above all, respect. Get out there and get them smiling so hopefully one grabs you by the hand and walks you someplace a little quieter.

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