A Quick Guide to Social Networking

Are you lost on what social networking is, or what sites you need to be a part of?  That’s the case with tons of people, and that’s perfectly okay.  Here’s just a brief little guide to some of the major platforms for social networking, and we’ll let you decide which ones are essential to join–so here’s a quick guide to social networking.

Myspace – At this point, Myspace is entirely dead and not working checking into, but it’s essential because it’s one of the first social networking sites to really, really take off.  Tom from Myspace will forever be some kind of internet legend.  Flip through it and get a feel for where social networking came from.

Facebook – This site is the absolute most important site to join.  It’s the end all be all of social networking.  Add friends, check your messages, upload pictures, play games and keep a timeline of your life all on this site.  You’ll find yourself looking up people that you went to high school with and before you know it, you’ll have an addiction to the damn thing.  Thanks Mark Zuckerburg!  Also, you should probably watch the Social Network–it’s a good movie.

Twitter – This is a short form blogging website where you post “tweets” or 140 character messages that everyone can see.  You can follow people, so you can keep track of what they’re up to.  This is a perfect chance to get caught up on celebrity fodder and trending news in the nation, but there’s also a lot of garbage to sift through.  It’s also a good place for aspiring comedians!  Go figure.

Google Plus Circles Thingy – This one is pretty new and hasn’t really taken off.  I’ve seen plenty of adverts for it on TV, which is somehow weird to me.  It will probably take off sooner or later, but right now it seems like a failure.  It’s an interesting and intuitive layout, but I don’t know if that will be enough to draw people to it.

Tumblr – This is the hipster hang out of the internet.  Find weird jokes and post pictures/text here.  It’s a geeky thing, but you’ll get addicted to it.  Good for keeping tabs on your favorite fashions, TV shows, music, etc.

So there you go, a quick guide to social networking!  Before you know it, “checking your email” will be a whole new mess of logging in and scouting out friend requests.  It will eat up your time, but to some degree it’s a lot of fun.

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