Make Pizza at Home: It’s Better

Alright, you can run to the store and get a large pizza for maybe five bucks.  Congrats.  You’ll get fat and feel like garbage.  No one likes that, right?  You want to eat some quality food that you can enjoy.  If you cook it yourself, then it can be something that you’re proud of.  Why don’t you do yourself a favor and invite a few friends over, grab a couple bottles of red wine, and make up a pizza.  Throw on some Miles Davis or Dave Brubeck and you’ll feel like some kind of Upper East Side type of classy guy.  Here’s a couple quick tips to not screwing up your pizza.

Okay, so the beginning of the pizza is always the crust.  You shouldn’t try to make this yourself, because it isn’t worth it.  Pick your favorite pizza place (if you’re in the Detroit area, that would be Buddy’s) and buy a ball of dough.  It’s probably less than a dollar.  This saves you a ton of time and energy.  Spread this out into a square, thick pan (for deep dish, which is probably best) or onto a pan for round pizza.  You can crimp the edges so that you’ve got the right feel for how big the crust should be.  Make sure you put some butter/olive oil on the pan before you lay out the crust.  That’s pretty essential.

Now you need to hook up some sauce.  This is  your opportunity to get creative.  Do what tastes right!  Tomato paste, pepper, basil, crushed up olives, any spices you can think of, whatever you want!  Do what feels best.  I’ve seen people throw some feta in there, or even a little hot sauce.

The cheese is pretty simple.  You grab a brick of mozzarella, grate it into bits and put it on the pizza.  Cover it well.  You can mix in some other Italian cheeses if you’d like.  Taste test it if you feel like it.

Now do some toppings…  Green peppers, some mushrooms, whatever you’re into.  Portabello mushrooms are my personal favorite, but you can do pepperoni or whatever.  It’s all good, basically.  Then just throw it into the oven and heat that bad boy up until it looks crisp and delicious.

Go with a red wine if you’re having a party, but beer works too.  Make all your pizzas at home because it’s fun and it’s better.

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