3 Main Steps To Improve Your Digestion

Having health problems will start to effect males quicker than they may realize. Your life sneaks up on you and suddenly you feel like an old man when you’re only 35. Taking early steps to improve your health includes having a clean and healthy digestive tract. Not only does healthy digestion make sure you absorb all the proper nutrients you consume but it will help ease stomach cramps, reduce bloating, and even help with your bowel movements. Here are 3 main steps to improve your digestion.

How You Eat

When you consume your calories for the day try and remember food is fuel, not emotional tools or a luxury. Avoiding overeating can help promote a healthier and lighter you. If you eat too much too fast your digestive system will feel bogged down and not properly process the food you took in. You’ll be left feeling bloated, slow, and full. Eat slowly and take small bites that you intend to chew thoroughly. Also, when you snack, eat fruits rich in fiber BETWEEN meals instead of with them. This will help your body take in all the nutrients you need from the fruit without mixing it with other food that isn’t good for you. Lastly, sit around a few minutes after eating to let the food process itself.

What You Eat

Experts say that eating hot or warm foods help to work with the “fire of digestion” when the food enters your system. When you eat cold or raw foods like meat and veggies, they “put out the fire”, thus making it harder and more strenuous for you to digest. Think about this at times when your system is feeling at its weakest. In addition to warm foods, make sure you eat fresh. Studies show that leftovers can contain more molds and lose nutritional value and are harder to break down.  Also, consuming foods and drinks that are plentiful in fiber or taking a fiber supplement will help your bowel movements. A lack of fiber in your diet can lead to constipation that can become painful and uncomfortable.

When You Eat

When you eat, the experts suggest being in a relaxed environment. Enjoy the food you eat and indulge in some good conversation or peaceful quiet time. Your body relaxes, promoting a smooth absorption process. Try to steer clear from loud and stressful eating habits such as a rushed lunch break, eating in front of the TV, or while having a stressful conversation with a loved one. Also try and limit the food items in your meal to 2-4. The more you add sides, appetizers and deserts, the harder and heavier your stomach will feel. You’ll put more work on your insides and feel worse for the rest of the day.

If you stick to these 3 main steps to improve your digestion your body will feel better, work better, and look better. Digestion is one of the most important things to worry about when considering your health, diet, and even weight. Make sure to keep these things in mind and practice them on a religious level until they become part of your routine and daily habits.

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