3 Of The Top Superfoods To Make You Feel Superhuman

We’re all looking for ways to make ourselves look and feel better. Lately in the media with shows like The Doctors and Doctor Oz there has been a lot of talk about “Superfoods”. These foods are daily treatments we can take to boost our physical health, prevent diseases, and just to overall look and feel like a new you. Most of them are actually extremely delicious and easy to come by. Here’s a quick list of the top superfoods and why you should be introducing them in your diet.

Superfood #1 Blueberries

Blueberries are a powerful food that you should eat every day. Throw a handful in your yogurt or cereal in the morning or even splash some into your salad at lunch. The little berries contain anthocyanins which can help prevent cancer, heart disease, and glaucoma. They also help your digestive system with a load of fiber and manganese.

Superfood #2 Beans

Beans are action packed with several different nutrients your body needs and wants. Minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber are all squeezed into beans such as black, kidney, and pinto beans. You should make sure and eat these every day or at least on a weekly basis. Throw them into your chili, soups, casseroles, and pastas.

Superfood #3 Avocados

Avocados are contain a crazy amount of Vitamin E. Many of us don’t get enough of it. Vitamin E and other nutrients in avocados can help fight: strokes, eye disease, several kinds of cancer, high cholesterol, and more. This is an essential food for the eating. Using it in guacamole or as a spread on a sandwich instead of mayo is an amazing way to sneak it into your diet.

Superfoods are cheap, tasty, and an important part to a healthier you. Not only will your body be fighting off deadly diseases, you also get stronger as well. You may even notice the pounds shedding away as you replace your regular candy bar snack with blueberries, baked beans with healthy beans, and mayo and ranch with the super avocado! For a super drink, try tea. White, green, and black tea has been related in studies proven to lowering cholesterol and fighting diseases. Tea also is packed with antioxidants your body craves. Superfoods help you lose weight and get on the right track to an amazing future of longevity and more energy!


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