Can I Do Better? – 4 Ways To Control The Ego

During any relationship, the selfish question of “Can I do better” may pop up out of the ordinary. What can you do if you know you are happy with her, yet there are niggling doubts lurking beneath? Listen to the heart. The head (or ego mind) is always out to cause trouble. It has a tendency to unleash a dark, selfish side. It wants what it cannot have, and it feels exactly the same way in relationships. A hint of comfort and the ego mind is often looking for ways to stir up trouble. Erotica and porn can dominate a man’s mind, but this can be controlled. Here are 4 ways to control the ego:

  1. Follow Your Heart: If the only reason you are in a relationship is through peer pressure, because your friends think your girlfriend is hot, it’s time to look at your happiness in all of this. While it’s always cool to follow the crowd, this is your heart and happiness at stake, so if you are discontent because she’s too high maintenance, or boring in the sack, do the honest thing and finish it, and don’t feel guilty about your sound judgment.
  2. Don’t Be A Sheep: You may want to have a sexy girl on your arm to feel accepted by your friends, but it’s also cool to be with a girl whom you can have a laugh with. Fun and a good sense of humor are very attractive features in a woman. High maintenance women may not want to go for a sexy walk in the rain. She may not want to give you head in case her eyeliner streams down her cheeks. So make up your mind and decide on the type of girl you would like to settle down with.
  3. Make A Commitment: It’s far easier for the ego to unleash if your life is already chaotic. Going out every weekend to search for sex is mentally draining and, often you may face rejection at times. On the other hand, if you make a commitment to a partner, the heart begins to connect with hers, and the wandering eye may start to whither and die. Of course, it’s okay to notice an attractive woman, just keep it inside your head. It doesn’t mean that you want to cheat, quite the contrary. Men are visual, and women use emotion to connect.
  4. Show Gratitude: it’s not always easy to find a partner who you connect with mentally, emotionally and sexually? True chemistry. If you have met her, don’t listen to third party advice and ruin things. Many individuals like to make out that cheating is okay, but inside he or she may be crumbling with guilt. Don’t fall for the same path. Instead, feel grateful that you have met a partner whom you can share your worries and desires with.

The ego mind can often be dark and bring up relationship doubts. “Can I do better” is just one of them, but don’t let it succeed in breaking your wonderful connection with her.

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