Friends With Benefits: 10 Rules For Success

A fuck buddy, or friends with benefits, is a great way to get regular sex without commitment, but it is important to set some rules beforehand, as there is no point continuing with the plan if one of you starts to develop romantic feeling for the other, and those feelings are not reciprocated. Get together with someone you find attractive and trust. If it’s a female friend you have always had your eye on, and she seems pretty flirty and open to the idea of sex without commitment, read on to learn 10 rules you should both follow.

  1. Its just sex: Remember this, even if you guys get into a pretty deep conversation after sex. You both agreed that it’s a ‘friends with benefits’ commitment, and nothing more. Some women will continue the regular sex with the belief it could turn into something more meaningful, but there is no guarantee he will change his mind.
  2. Dating other people: This should not matter, since the relationship is based on sex only, but it is possible that jealousy could erupt between either party.
  3. It’s not a regular relationship: The friends with benefit set up is all about getting intimate with her in the bedroom, it’s not about meeting her friends.
  4. Don’t get too comfy: Friend with benefits is never guaranteed to last forever. Soon enough, she may meet a man she wants to settle down with, and vice versa.
  5. Keep it secretive: If you are both part of a large crowd, keep the meet between you two secret, as you don’t want to be the focal point of gossip amongst friends.
  6. A change in relationship: Having sex with a good friend could end on bad terms, especially if she is interested in much more than regular sex. If you have been friends for a while, it’s probably better to find a fuck buddy who you are not too close to.
  7. Distract yourself: If the sex between you both is good, it can be tempting to want to hook up all the time. Remember, the relationship is based on sex only, so keep yourself busy to avoid becoming too attached.
  8. Don’t play girls off against each other: If you are a local heartthrob amongst your social crowd, it can be tempting to get it on with more than one girl for kinky fun, but try not to cause any cat fights. Remember, women are jealous creatures who will easily fight a friend to get what they want.
  9. Her boyfriend: Affairs are always messy, so it’s important to avoid turning her into a fuck buddy, if she is already in a relationship.
  10. Contraception: While the pill is a helpful protection against unwanted pregnancy, a condom can protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Friends with benefits is a good option if you are looking for nothing too serious, but it is important to set several rules beforehand.


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