Elitists: Are they So Bad? Are You One?

America has become the most polarized it has been since the Civil War. The news and its political pundits have taken advantage of our current, fearful, economic upheaval. It is elitists that seem to have a target on their foreheads for being educated and wealthy. According to Peter Baker of the New York Times as written in The Week, “The core of the recent uprising against Washington has been the perception that Ivy League – educated intellectuals, bankers, and snobs are running the country, heedless of how their decisions affect average people.” Are these perceived elitists that bad? Are you one of them?

Intellectual Elitist Bastards

Writer Ezra Klein points out in an affiliate of the Washington Post, that there is a place for elitists in our society and “Just like I want knowledgeable CEO’s running companies and knowledgeable doctors performing surgeries, I want knowledgeable legislators crafting public policy.” However, it could be an anti-intellectualist movement. It could be that “facts and science” are missing out because Americans do not “always think clearly when scared” as quoted by President Obama. Rather than take a look at themselves, Americans seem to fear the truth when delivered in an intellectual manner. Are we not capable as a country to embrace the intellect some of us may not possess? Are you one who believes that those of a certain IQ ability should steer the ship?

What is the Alternative?

Elitists may seem intellectually talented but has it recently done us any good? Jim Manzi writing for The American Scene argues that elitists have done nothing but put us into a financial quagmire through irresponsibility and sheer greed stating that “the benefits of expertise outweigh the benefits”. Suddenly we have an influx of Ivy Leaguer’s stepping into perversely paid business positions only to catapult themselves into a bid for the White House based on their ability to maintain a company in the black. Some have even become President without such credentials but solely on their prestigious, elitist degree (hello George W. who bankrupted several companies prior to assisting in America’s financial [and moral] demise).

Emotional Elitists

Unfortunately, the best minds seem to have been debunked due to their heel grinding, hip holding, and teeth clenching emotional blindness. When it comes to the sheer hatred of our President, some believe it is covert racism at its best. Others blame maniacal religion, rabid patriotism or plain ole’ ignorance that has created the chasm between (and amongst) elitists and the rest. Regardless, the elitists we have put so much stock in seem to have kowtowed to bipartisan fear and sensationalism rather than tackle extremely difficult, unpopular and highly important decisions together, as a team. Currently it seems like a bunch of sniveling three year olds are driving the bus and it just may be heading for a cliff.

Elitists seem to have fallen from grace but maybe they needed to. Unfortunately, we do not have many other elitists to replace them. It may be a while before anyone comes to their senses, if at all.

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