Professions that Have the Most Sex

Most of your time will probably be spent slaving over your career so why not choose one of these professions that have the most sex. This way, if you are unhappy at your job or making little cash, at least you will have a better chance at dipping it more than the next guy.


Believe it or not being a painter, poet or furrow-browed tattooed musician comes in at the number one careers for getting your sex on. According to A British study, 425 artists interviewed reported having sex twice the average number of sexual encounters as others. Daniel Nettle one of the researchers of Newcastle University comments, “It could be that very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act more on sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience’s sake, than the average person would.” The study also found that the more creative output, the more sexual partners increased due to the fact that possible attained acclaim means more ass.


Ask most women and they will tell you that firefighters get them hot. Regardless of how they look, it is the number one fantasy to be rescued by a scruffy faced, brave civil servant adorned in macho reflective gear and then thrown down and fucked silly. Sex educator, Dr. Yvonne K. Fullbright comments, “Prince-on-a-white-horse sexual fantasies have endured the centuries. Novels, soap operas, flicks, and made-for-TV movies have further enamored us with “rescue me” storylines, where the character saving or healing a tragic victim is alluring in an amorous, take-me-now way.”


This really only applies if you are decent looking because no woman is attracted to a fat, smelly man in uniform. However, throw a guy with some potential moves into a gold fringed shouldered, medal adorned, eye covering hat pilot wardrobe and the panties moisten right away. They are seen as brave, daring, adventurous men with a long, thick and powerful machine between their legs. Plus, there is the potential of free air travel in exchange for some good head.


They walk around with tool belts and many women swoon at the sight of a tool belt. Most carpenters are strong capable men willing to fix anything, including an ignored pussy. This profession is not only full of in-shape, macho personalities but the availability of someone being able to hang a shelf, paint a room or fix a toilet is all it takes for her to bend over and ask for an afternoon pounding. Note: If you are having work done on your home, make sure you employ short Asian workers or make sure your wife stays out of the house all day.

These professions that have the most sex really work. The only competition may be the million dollar plus earner. So take a look at your talents and apply them accordingly. Then wait as long as you can to get married so you can tap as much ass as possible before giving in to a nagging wife and soul sucking children.

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