Yo Yo Dieting: Is Your Woman a Chronic Weight Gain, Weight Loss Victim?

Most women are stricken with the obsession to lose weight. According to a recent ABC report, the dieting industry reaps approximately twenty billion dollars per year with one hundred and eight million people on a diet at any given time. Most attempt four to five attempts per year and eighty five percent of dieters are women. Yo yo dieting is a continuing problem and many men are living with women constantly struggling to stay thin. This can not only be a physical and emotional rollercoaster for her but many do not realize what men must endure during these bouts with the bulge.

Health Danger

Dr. Kelly D. Brownell of Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity describes yo yo dieting a/k/a weight cycling as, “…a decrease of 10 pounds or more of body weight through significant calorie restrictions, followed by sometimes rapid, sometimes gradual weight gain after the regimen ends. It is an unproductive process that can lead to emotional upheaval and serious health problems.

Before You Go Any Further

You may be dating a woman who is thin or she may have a cushy body that you find attractive. Either way, there are signs to look for that could be an indication of yo yo dieting. If this is the case you may want to think twice before going any further or you could be locked into a lifetime of watching her struggle while taking most of it out on you.

• Hidden Food Addiction – Women are embarrassed to eat. Watch how and when she stuffs her piehole. It could be at times of stress or happiness when she snacks way more than usual. Also, be aware of what foods she purchases. Cookies, chocolate, cake, etc are all red flags.

• Listen to Her Conversations – She will most likely confide in friends rather than you regarding her weight. Listen and see if you hear things like “diet”, “I’m so fat” or “I can’t stop eating”.

• Diet Food – If she has diet food in her fridge chances are it is the go-to meal when no one is looking.

• Pictures – Fat childhood pictures of your girlfriend mean one thing, she’s going to be fat again…and again.

• “Do I Look Fat” – If she obsessively asks this, she probably is and you will hear it forever.


If she does diet, count how many times a year she commits. If it is four or five times she is yo yo’ing. Then, figure out how it affects her personality. If you notice that she turns into a bitch every time she diets then that, mixed with her period, means many days of hell.

Yo yo dieting can be as difficult as any addictive behavior. If she is miserable with her body she will always be and that means that nothing you do will ever help. If you cannot live without her get her to a psychiatrist or wire her jaw shut, one or the other.

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