Five Ways To Relieve Her PMS

That “time of the month” can terrify some men, as it’s the start of mood swings and sore boobs, but show a little empathy, as women have to go through this harrowing cycle every month until menopause—and even that doesn’t ease up on the imbalance of hormones. However, there are ways you can relieve her PMS. Here are five.

  1. Share a bath together. Throw in a handful of Epsom salts, a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, and bathe together in an afterglow of satisfaction. Light several candles, and allow the steam to cleanse any worries. The best way to relieve her PMS is to ensure that she feels relaxed and nurtured. Cradle her in your arms and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.
  2. Massage. Any type of massage, whether on the back, shoulders, or scalp could do the world of wonders to a stressed out woman who is experiencing mood swings, swollen breasts, and groin pain. The whole point of massage is to relax her enough to make her forget about her menstrual pains. Massage has the power to do this.
  3. Empathize. It is not easy being a woman, so if you can empathize with her problems and listen, instead of worrying she is turning into a mithering old lady, this could go a long way to relieving her PMS. Most of the time women just want a man who listens.
  4. Make love. I always feel my horniest about ten days before I’m due on, so make sure that you take advantage of her most horniest time of the month. The best thing about this is, she feels this way every month. She may act slightly wilder, so don’t be put off if she indulges in domination.
  5. Give Head: It’s not always the most attractive to see a pussy dipped in blood, but this entire cycle was created for childbirth and to allow couples to experiment with the rhythm method, way before contraceptives existed. Blood has a slightly irony taste, but instead of focusing on tasting the blood on her pussy, dip your fingers in to gather juices, and lick over her clit to drive her to ecstasy.

There are ways you can relieve her PMS, and it does not always need to include an expensive gift. The best way to connect with her during this emotional period is to empathize and try to connect with her tumultuous thoughts.

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