Affordable Care Act (ACA): It Passed. What does it mean?

In the beginning, President Obama seemed to have taken on more than he could chew by attempting to tackle our dilapidated, corporate heavy health care system rather than concentrate on immediate economic issues. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld his Affordable Care Act (ACA), he will not only go down in history as the first president to finally implement this particular change, in the long run, it just might help our economy and our country.

The Naysayers

Change always comes with naysayers. American history is full of rich, bloated white men hugging their money with slim interest in social progress. This health care plan has created angry rants everywhere such as the collapse of America as we know it, socialism, long lines for care, less doctors and how the law was upheld under the tax code which makes it akin to a tax increase. Although the ACA is far from perfect, it offers a chance to move forward and stop the spoiled, entitled behavior by a select few. Embracing momentum, not just the plan (which can be tweaked in the future), seems to be the most important aspect of this change.

What Will Happen?

In 2014 the ACA goes into effect. Here are a few of its requirements:

• Every American must purchase health insurance.
• Various plans of all prices will be available including:
1. Assistance for those a certain percentage below the poverty line.
2. State based affordable insurance exchanges.
• Insurance company adjustments such as:
1. Disallowing pre-existing condition rejection.
2. Option for small businesses to purchase insurance from non-profit, consumer run health insurers called Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP).
3. Allowing children to stay insured under their parent’s plan until the age of 26.
4. No longer rejecting coverage due to an honest application mistake.
5. In plan doctor choice.
6. Out of plan emergency room visits.
• Grandfathered plans, meaning that you can stay on the plan you have now which will not have to provide the rights and protections of the ACA.

The Ammo

Obama and Romney will be spouting the ACA until you want to stab yourself in the eye. Essentially, voters will have the last word, not the Supreme Court. Although it will be difficult for Romney to overturn the law (which he will try to convince people he will do), if he is elected the ACA could be looked at as a starting gate failure. Yet, when it is implemented and if it has a chance to mature, it may reverse the minds of some naysayers

Change is not easy, however America seems to need a jumping off point or it will continue to lag behind the rest of the world in so many ways. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the springboard we just may need. If enough people push aside their armchair fears and embrace a more forward thinking, non-partisan rhetoric maybe, someday, America will be on top of its game once again.

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